Public Hearings (2) — April 26, 2016

Public Hearings (2) — April 26, 2016
Public input can be provided in writing to by noon on April 26, 2016, and in person at the meetings (starting at 7:00 pm at City Hall).

The complete public hearing(s) package is available on the city website here.

The Aragon proposal was defeated (5:2).
The Charles Street OCP text amendment was approved (5:2).

Aragon property (Moody and Clarke streets)
This application has been to the Land Use Committee twice in recent months, and has met with significant opposition.

There have been many concerns raised, including the height variance from the current zoning bylaw (Bylaw #1890). One sticking point has been that the height of storeys is not defined. The current material states the proposed building can be six storeys or 22 metres, whichever is greater. Twenty-two metres is just under 72 feet, which represents an average of 12 feet per storey. The current zoning bylaw allows up to 5 storeys or 60 feet in height.

The current CD39 zoning allows Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 2.6; whereas the proposed amendment to create CD64 allows FAR up to 3.06, an increase of about 20%.

Charles Street OCP amendment
Forwarded from the Land Use Committee, now to public hearing. Area is south of Barnet and west of Clarke Road (Snake Hill), on the lower part of the hill.

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Land Use Committee — (1) Aragon re— submission; (2) Charles Street OCP changes

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