Coronation Park Neighbourhood Plan Open House

Coronation Park Neighbourhood Plan Open House

Image below is from Open House hand-out; Coronation Park as it currently exists
2016-05-18-Coronation Park

On Wednesday, May 18, 2016, the City of Port Moody hosted an open house to present four scenarios for the future of the Coronation Park neighbourhood. The city emphasized that the scenarios are not plans, but intended to facilitate discussion and feedback. The city reports a turn-out of more than 100 people, presumably mostly residents of Coronation Park.

While this planning exercise is not directly connected to Moody Centre, it’s of interest generally as Coronation Park is a long-standing Port Moody neighbourhood, and because Moody Centre is awaiting its own neighbourhood plan consultation (Council Strategic Plan 2015-2018).

The presentation, display boards, and hand-out can all be viewed from city webpage here.

Update, related:
Letter: Coronation Park plan shows no future for single-family homes
Tri-City News, May 27, 2016

The Editor,

I was gob-smacked by the presentation last week about the Coronation Park Neighbourhood Plan.

On all four scenarios, our single-family homes are gone.

The planner says that, hey, it’s a 30-year plan so nobody has to move right away.

But if the OCP says the area is not to contain any single-family homes, how much respect will there be for the quality of life of those of us who choose to remain in our homes?

Blocked view-lines? Reduced access to sunlight? Lessened street parking? Altered setbacks? New roads (with through traffic)?

The idea of “sensitive infill” is mentioned but completely misused. I think one of us coined the phrase, with the idea being that those who want to stay can have a good life and those who want to sell can get a decent price for their property.

It was to be a compromise instead of staying all single-family. Single-family homes could be replaced by denser developments that respected their single-family neighbours, as in the triplex on Guildford.

The idea of sensitive infill is not that every property turns into non-single-family. The low-density option on offer does not respect this. In fact, it makes no sense — to whom is the infill sensitive if all our homes are to go?

None of the scenarios respect the current residents of Coronation Park who do not wish to move.

Jill McIntosh, Port Moody

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