Land assembly contract woes

Land assembly contract woes
3000 block St. George Street, Moody Centre

2016-07-19-COTW-delegation-3000 block St George-land assembly

Delegation to Port Moody Council, July 19, 2016, by residents who entered into contracts to sell property for land assembly.

Diagram (with Google Earth) is from delegation materials, as well as text in quotes below.

O = London Pacific (LP)
X = non-London Pacific agreement


“Since signing, property values have risen by 30-40%”

“We have been priced out of the market
Uprooted to find residences in other communities”

“As a result – we are unanimously opposed to any application for rezoning by LP/Marcon”

To view complete package go to city council meeting agenda material for July 19, 2016.  It can be accessed from this link.

Related, several homes to the east on the same block are listed on Port Moody’s development applications summary (Excel format), identified as “3045 – 3105 St George St.”  Some land assemblies in Moody Centre are not yet on the public radar.

Vancouver council, real estate group at odds over regulation of aggressive ads
Vancouver Sun, July 14, 2016 (paper edition)
“I just received one [flyer] yesterday, actually, which really disturbed one of my senior neighbours because it basically showed the neighbourhood, saying, ‘Your neighbourhood is about to be razed and there’s nothing you can do about it.  Join our assembly and protect yourself,’ ” Ball said Wednesday.”

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