Lots of development activity in coming year, details unknown

Lots of development activity in coming year, details unknown



How many applications are in the works in Moody Centre and elsewhere? Hard to know, since many are under the public radar.

Some of the larger projects we know will be coming forward sooner or later are:

Details on the above-noted are not available.

In terms of smaller projects, get ready for lots more applications to come forward in the year ahead.

On July 19, at the end of a delegation on St. George Street land assembly, Councillor Dilworth, chairing the meeting, said council was not aware of any formal application to-date with regard to the land assembly under discussion. She turned the question over to staff.

The reply, specifically from Port Moody’s General Manager of Development Services, James Stiver, was as follows:

“There are a number of applications that staff have in various stages — I don’t know particular addresses off the top of my head, but there’s many applications in the stage of what we call pre-application which are negotiating terms and requirements for background information, and some of them are full applications that are being processed. As Councillor Dilworth alluded to, they haven’t made their way to council yet, but some of them have started to come forward and there’s a lot of interest in this area as you’re likely aware that is causing pressure on the cost of these properties so there’ll be a lot of activity in the coming year for sure.”

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