Moody Centre lot subdivision, parking report, Moody Centre TOD open house

Moody Centre lot subdivision, parking report, Moody Centre TOD open house


Map image above dated 1884 is in agenda material for the Land Use Committee meeting for Oct. 4, 2016 regarding a Heritage Revitalization Agreement (see below).

Land Use Committee
Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016 at city hall, 7:00 pm
Purpose: To enter into a Heritage Revitalization Agreement in order to subdivide 123 Douglas Street into three fee simple lots. If approved, this would allow for the placement on the subject property of three houses that are on the City’s Heritage Register (Moisio, Sidall and Sutherland Residences). As part of the approval process, the three houses would be protected through a Heritage Designation Bylaw.

Agenda material is available from this link: 2016 Committee Agendas and Minutes.

Anyone wishing to comment can do so in person at the meeting and/or send a submission in writing anytime before 12 noon on October 4, 2016. If you plan on sending your feedback ahead of time, email it to

Special Council Meeting (Committee of the Whole)
Tues., Oct. 4, 2016, following Land Use Committee meeting (see above)
The agenda is 42 pages long, most of which is related to the Evergreen Parking Management Strategy. An open house was held at Kyle Centre on June 27, 2016. The agenda material summarizes a proposed plan and results of the public consultation.

Also on the agenda is a delegation from some Moody Centre residents with a proposal “for the City of Port Moody on subdividing lots to 4,100 sq.ft for lots with laneway / rear street access in central Port Moody, to either 33′ x 132′ lots or town house projects.” The delegation refers to “future opportunities for the 2700 block of St. George street and 2600 block of St.George street.”

The agenda is available from this link (until Oct. 4) or here: 2016 Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes.

Moody Centre Station Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Area — Open House
Thurs., Oct. 6, 2016, 7–9 pm at Kyle Centre
In the spring of 2015, city council announced its strategic priorities, and a neighbourhood consultation for Moody Centre was a key priority. At this point, the consultation is focussing solely on one part of Moody Centre, the area directly surrounding the Moody Centre Evergreen Line Station.

“… the City has prepared and will be presenting specific land use scenarios and gather public feedback to develop a community vision for the TOD Area.”

It appears the city has deviated from the initial consultation plan and skipped some steps such as consultations with key stakeholders (including the Moody Centre Community Association) and an initial open house to get input on options (see “Related recent post” link below which includes a tentative timeline).  However, it may be just a timing delay.

The city webpage with more information on this open house can be accessed here.

Related recent post:
Public Consultation Plan for the Review of Land Use Policies in the Moody Centre Transit-Oriented Development Area

Public hearing material and council agenda material for October 11, 2016 is not yet available, but when posted can be accessed from links at the top of this site.

Of interest and new on the city’s development applications spreadsheet (Excel format; also a link at “home” of this site):
On St. George Street east of Williams Street: “OCP Amendment to allow for 185 apartment units within a 6 storey building on the north side of St George St and 62 Townhomes on the south side of St George St.” This area is currently primarily single-family homes.

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