Moody Centre TOD plan: Changing concepts and visions … ?

Moody Centre TOD plan: Changing concepts and visions … ?

Area:  Moody Centre Station transit-oriented development plan. The city held an open house at Kyle Centre on October 6, 2016 to reveal development scenarios for several blocks north of St. Johns Street surrounding the Skytrain station.

The area in question at the Oct. 6, 2016 open house, Moody Centre Station TOD, was portrayed in an artists conceptual rendering in 2014 as the image below (and it was controversial) …

Source: Official Community Plan, Chapter 15.

… and now at the October 2016 open house to possibly this — see link provided below for all scenarios and complete information …

Source: Open house display boards from October 6, 2016 on Moody Centre Station Transit-Oriented Development Plan. City link here. Contains link for feedback — due by October 28, 2016.

Image below is also from the open house display boards.

Maybe the options/scenarios presented will be appealing to people; maybe not. But all stakeholders need fair representation and say on any plan, especially of this magnitude.

The Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA) was identified in April 2016 as a primary stakeholder for inclusion in initial discussions, but that did not happen.

Initial stakeholder discussions included a select few, including a group of “senior members of the real estate development and brokerage community in Metro Vancouver” who met in spring 2015 and were charged with offering their views on Port Moody’s competiveness in attracting development, especially employment-generating.

At the following June 16, 2015 council meeting, it was noted that many in the group were representatives from developers known for specializing in multi-family residential building. (See post 2015-06-13: Neighbourhood planning — Moody Centre and Coronation Park.)

The stakeholder group make-up appears to have skewed the current scenarios revealed on Oct. 6, 2016; namely, much more residential growth than employment growth.

“One of the goals of this Official Community Plan is the development of a complete community within Port Moody. Among other objectives, a complete community involves achieving a balance between the number of employment opportunities and the number of employed residents within a municipality.” (OCP, page 10, Key Trends and Issues, Chapter 2) Complete community also refers to other shared community infrastructure; e.g., parkland, community facilities, etc.

It’s also important to consider the broader context of Moody Centre and Port Moody as a whole, and how the pieces might fit together.

For example, the recently revealed scenarios for aggressive densification of Coronation Park, the Ioco lands on PoMo’s north shore, as yet with no details, the Andres/Peller desire to re-develop land at the west end of Moody Centre, the Flavelle/Mill and Timber area just west of Rocky Point Park and the owners stated desire to develop (details still unknown), Bold Properties in west Moody Centre — are all pieces in the puzzle. The aforementioned are not the only projects, just some of the more well-known.

These projects combined could easily increase Port Moody’s population by 20,000 plus, if approved, well above the Official Community Plan (OCP) target of 50,000 by 2041.
We encourage feedback to the Moody Centre Community Association (via email or as an online comment), and to the city (see city link above).

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2 Responses to Moody Centre TOD plan: Changing concepts and visions … ?

  1. Dave says:

    In the big picture, the OCP envisions population growth of 15,000 over some 30 years.

    Looks like we’re headed towards approximately 2000 new residents at Moody Center TOD, something like 4000 in Coronation Park, and hard to imagine fewer than 3500 at Flavelle (1600 units on 28 acres.) And don’t forget 2 more towers are already approved for Suter Brook and at Appia adjacent to Inlet Station.

    Then there will be several thousand at “Westport” and new multi family or mixed use developments on Clarke and St John’s streets. Townhomes and infill on St George and elsewhere in Moody Centre will add hundreds, not thousands of net new residents.

    Who knows what if anything will happen at Ioco? And will any significant densification ever come to Glenayre/Seaview neighbourhoods?

    Broadly, these are the steps by which Port Moody will grow to a population of 50,000.

  2. Pat says:

    Seriously? Scenario A is about 500 more than OCP baseline of 2804, Scenario C almost 2000 more at 4665. And very ugly. All scenarios much higher than Klahanie, Newport, Suterbrook. What happened to all the homes on St. George St, whole area looks like high and low towers. Vancouver west-end without the charm? Where is Port Moody, it seems to have vanished. Should be employment-oriented area. And what happens to 40 storeys in an area at high risk of liquefaction if the big one hits?

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