BC Assessments — 2017

BC Assessments — 2017


BC Assessment information has just recently been made available, but covers the one year period ending about six months ago (July 1, 2016).

The online link (above) contains a great deal of information on the process and trends, as well as enabling people to look up individual addresses for assessment details.

Moody Centre assessments have been rising faster than average for several years, and this year some properties are seeing 50% increases in assessed value, primarily representing land value. The average for Port Moody detached, as per BC Assessment, is 31.49%. Therefore, many Moody Centre properties are well above the average.

Any properties whose values exceed the “average” rise/”average value” within the city can expect a larger tax increase than the calculated average.

Five things to know after receiving a massive increase in your 2017 B.C. property assessment, Vancouver Sun, January 5, 2017

MCCA Online:
Port Moody City Taxes — more graphs, samples, and information (June 2016)
Changing neighbourhoods: Demovictions, heritage, and taxes (June 2016)
BC Assessment — 2016 (January 2016)
House value and official assessments — are they the same thing? (2015)

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1 Response to BC Assessments — 2017

  1. Jim says:

    Moody Centre hit again. Mayor Clay sold out for big profit after voting on St George St OCP upzone. One year 50%++ assessment increase on his former home at 2902 St George not his problem now. Become mayor, re-open OCP, buy home, vote to change OCP, sell home. Conflict of interest. Profiteering in a position of power.

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