Flavelle Update

Flavelle Update

On Port Moody Council’s agenda for January 17, 2016, excerpts (see 2017 Minutes and Agendas):

“To summarize the input received from organizations formally notified about Flavelle Oceanfront Development’s Official Community Plan amendment application, per section 475 of the Local Government Act, discuss the highlights of the full submission that has now been received in support of the application, and propose a process for further public consultation.
The plan proposes 3,397 residential units, and a mix of other uses including light industrial, commercial, office, private indoor amenity space, and possibly a congregate care facility and a hotel. Approximately 3.1 ha (7.53 ac) of the site is proposed to be publicly dedicated as parks and open space, which is approximately 24% of the site area. At full build-out, which is expected to take at least 20 to 25 years, depending upon market conditions, it is estimated that the site will have a resident population of almost 7,000 people and will support over 1,000 jobs (full-time equivalent).
Staff will be co-hosting an Open House on January 26, 2017, at the City Hall with Flavelle to present the plan to the public, followed by a presentation to the Community Planning Advisory Committee (formerly the Land Use Committee) on February 7, 2017.”

For more information, review the agenda package (link above), and previous information on this site (type “Flavelle” into the search bar. Includes: Flavelle Oceanfront Development — open house, part two (from December 2015).

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