Westport update (Andres/Peller site at Barnet/Clarke)

Westport update (Andres/Peller site at Barnet/Clarke)

Image below is from material submitted to the City’s Advisory Design Panel (ADP).

The Andres/Peller group submitted plans to the Advisory Design Panel on December 1, 2016, and the information is now available on the city website. Additional images and information are available from this city link.

“OCP Amendment and Rezoning (Application # 6700-20-141)
Proposed mixed use development consists of commercial and residential uses in 3 tower forms (30, 22, 14 storeys) and 7 low rise buildings (2-5 storeys). The project density is 3.3 FSR and includes 464 residential units and 67,506 m² of non-residential space.”

The Westport site is about 1/2 km west of the Flavelle site, both special study areas.

This online site has much more information on potential development in Moody Centre (including Westport) and Port Moody as a whole.

Moody Centre development: a slow wave … or tsunami?
Lots of development activity in coming year, details unknown
Moody Centre Bulletin: OCP affects everyone in Port Moody (Aug. 2013)

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