Andres-Peller (Westport) Official Community Plan Amendment Application — Feb. 7, 2017

Andres-Peller (Westport) Official Community Plan Amendment Application — Feb. 7, 2017
2017-02-07-andres-property-ocp-amendment-application Andrew Peller Limited (Andres Wines) has submitted an official Community Plan Amendment and Rezoning Application. Information is on the agenda for council’s February 7th Special Council Meeting (COTW), starting at 6:00 pm. The area is currently a special study area, zoned primarily industrial. The recommendation to council is to receive the report for information, and to formally notify a number of external organizations.

The complete agenda material can be accessed here.


“The development concept includes a range of uses including:

  • a mix of housing types (condominiums, seniors’ housing, rental housing, and artists’ studios);
  • light industrial, retail-commercial, office, hotel, clinic, athletic club, arts centre (including daycare), and an arts village (artist work space, galleries, and residences); and
  • a network of open spaces, including an enhanced riparian area, a central Westport Commons area, secondary plazas and courtyards, diagonal promenade connecting Clarke Street to the riparian edge, and a pedestrian bridge connecting Barnet Highway to the Site.

Building Forms:

  • one 31-storey tower consisting of up to 25 storeys of residential condos above six storeys of boutique hotel;
  • one 21-storey mixed use tower including 15 to 17 storeys of rental housing, four storeys of office space, an athletic club, and a large grocery store;
  • one 12-storey mixed use tower including eight storeys of seniors’ housing, two to three storeys of seniors’ care facilities and common areas, ground floor retail uses, and two levels of light industrial space below grade;
  • one six-storey mixed use building including four to five storeys of clinic space, ground floor retail, and linkages to the proposed hotel;
  • one three-storey building identified as the Westport Arts Centre including ground floor arts oriented office space, second floor flex space, and top floor daycare centre; and
  • five two- to three-storey buildings identified as the Arts Village including artist work space, shops, galleries, and residences.

Information provided with the application package estimates that the proposed development concept could generate up to 585 on-site jobs and a resident population of 800.”

Much more information is available on this site (search for “Andres” or “Peller”).

The Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA) welcomes your comments.

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