Flavelle proposal to Community Planning Advisory Committee (formerly Land Use Committee) — Feb. 7, 2017

Flavelle proposal to Community Planning Advisory Committee (formerly Land Use Committee) — Feb. 7, 2017

At its first meeting for 2017, on Feb. 7 at 7:00 pm, the newly named Community Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) will review Flavelle Oceanfront Development’s Official Community Plan Amendment Application, the subject of recent discussion on this site (an open house was held on January 26, 2017).

The agenda package can be accessed from this link: 2017 Committee Agendas & Minutes.

The site is a special study area, currently zoned industrial, and changing the designation requires approval beyond Port Moody (e.g., Metro Vancouver).

Port Moody planning staff’s recommendation is to support the land use change from industrial to “Oceanfront District to permit the development of a new mixed-use urban neighbourhood.”

However, the staff report recommends lowering the total number of residential units and the total floor area ratio (FAR).  The current proposal represents an additional 20% (7,000) to Port Moody’s population.

The report also notes that the site presents some challenges.

“The traffic studies conducted for Flavelle to date have concluded that, with the density and uses proposed by Flavelle, the site will generate an estimated 1800 vehicles trips on and off the site in the weekday morning peak and 2100 vehicle trips in the weekday afternoon peak. This will add an estimated 40% to the peak hour traffic volumes that will be distributed throughout the arterial network identified.”

“The geotechnical studies conducted to date for the site have concluded that the proposed building forms can be supported, but that various forms of piling and other structural engineering will be required. This may include a seismic dam around the waterfront perimeter of the site to deal with the possibility of a major earthquake event. [Ed note: the site is landfill on top of what was mudflats, and identified as subject to liquefaction in the event of a moderate to high-intensity earthquake.]

To deal with climate change and rising sea levels, the Flood Construction Level (FCL) is likely to be about 5.6 m (18.4 ft), although more detailed analysis will be needed at the rezoning stage to set the final FCL. This will be achieved by removing all non-structural fill from the site (which Flavelle has indicated that it plans to do by barge) and building up the site with structural fill to the ultimately determined FCL.”

To review the complete document, visit the link above. The Flavelle report is just over 30 pages including attachments.

Feedback provided to the city following the open house is not yet available, but will be provided “on-table” at the meeting.

The Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA) welcomes your comments.

If you wish to comment on this application, you can speak in person at the meeting and/or email clerks@portmoody.ca by 12:00 noon on Feb. 7.

MCCA has much more information on this site (use the search bar for “Flavelle” or “mill site” or “Mill and Timber”).

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1 Response to Flavelle proposal to Community Planning Advisory Committee (formerly Land Use Committee) — Feb. 7, 2017

  1. Pat says:

    Wow, letter from professional on quake concerns, serious stuff, not discussed by council?

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