Port Moody planning updates — progress?

Port Moody planning updates — progress?

City planning updates

  • Moody Centre Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Area Plan
  • Coronation Park Area Plan
  • Bold Properties (Westport)

Special Study Areas

  • Flavelle
  • Andres (Westport)
  • Ioco Lands

Port Moody and Moody Centre growth and speculation: sections vs. overall picture

Moody Centre Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Area Plan

Note: The current OCP map indicates buildings in the range of 4-12 storeys; see image further below (with the proposed amendment this goes up to 40 storeys).

“CLAIM: Developers will use the Maximum Heights in the OCP as their Minimum.

REALITY: This is really just a ridiculous statement. If the OCP says that, for example, heights allowed will be between 4-12 storeys, then that’s what they will be. Council is under no obligation to accept any development even if it is under 4 storeys. Only a weak Council would accept a developer treating them that way, and any ‘normal’ Council would simply reject the developers proposals if they do not align with the aspirations of the community in any particular area.”

Source: http://www.mikeclay.ca/blog/setting-the-record-straight (November 2014)

A summary of feedback provided to the city from Open House #2 is now available on the city website:

For additional information and links, visit the city webpage for Moody Centre TOD plan.

Of 88 surveys received for Open House #2, 49 identify as living in the area (39 outside area).

The city analysis concludes about 62% approve of the plan, and 33% do not approve (5% neutral).

In the comments section, 4 pages are labelled “Very” or “Somewhat” supportive, and about 5 pages labelled “Very” or “Somewhat” opposed.

In the city summary of feedback from Open House #1 (123 responses), almost 40% were not supportive of any of the three scenarios presented, while 61% of respondents made positive comments towards one of the three built-form scenarios — ranging from 12% to 26% (added together resulting in the 61% calculation). In other words, significantly more people were opposed to any scenario, and Scenario A (least aggressive growth) received the next highest support (26%).

The City is “expecting to present a staff recommendation on the TOD Area Plan to Council in late spring 2017. The recommendation will request Council’s approval to draft an OCP amendment that will further detail policies, financing, implementation and phasing based on a recommended Land Use Concept. The concept will be based on the guiding principles, public consultation feedback, and the latest survey results.” Stay tuned.

Most recent earlier MCCA post on this subject:
Moody Centre TOD planning — Open House #2, March 1, 2017
Coronation Park Area Plan

The red perimeter line on these maps indicates the Port Moody/Coquitlam border.
The Coronation Park Area Plan is on council’s agenda for Tuesday, April 11, 2017.

On January 17, 2017, Council endorsed the Recommended Land Use Concept for the Coronation Park Neighbourhood Plan, and asked staff to prepare an Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment as a first step towards implementing the Plan.

Staff will present a draft OCP Amendment for Council’s consideration at 7pm on Tuesday, April 11 in Council Chambers (100 Newport Drive). Should Council support the draft OCP Amendment by giving it first and second reading, a Public Hearing would be scheduled before its final adoption. The agenda package for the April 11 Council meeting is available online and includes draft OCP text and map amendments.

Coronation Park Neighbourhood Plan Open House (May 2016)
Upcoming discussion: Bert Flinn Park, Aragon development; and Coronation Park neighbourhood (Sept. 2016)
Bold Properties (Westport)

The proposal for 38 townhomes was discussed at the Community Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) meeting this past Tuesday, April 4, 2017. The plan will now be considered at an upcoming council meeting.

There were no objections to the concept of townhomes, but public concerns included the number of units (38 to replace 6 current single-family residences), amount of parking for residents and visitors, placement of garbage/recycle/green waste bins next to fence abutting existing complex, shadowing of immediate neighbours (and loss of privacy), loss of green space and animal/bird habitat.

Something learned: Tandem parking (2 spots where one vehicle parks in front of another in a garage, not side by side) do not count as 2 spots in Port Moody’s zoning bylaw, and approval of tandem to meet parking requirements requires a variance. Several past proposals (i.e., not Bold Properties) have included tandem parking.

The meeting video is available on the city website: http://portmoodybc.swagit.com/play/04042017-2337.

Bold Properties — Community Information Meeting (38 townhomes)
Special Study Areas

Flavelle: Awaiting approval from Metro Vancouver to change land designation from industrial. See prior posts on this subject. Concept includes building up to 38 storeys.

Andres (Westport):   Awaiting approval from Metro Vancouver to change land designation from industrial. See prior posts on this subject. Concept includes building up to 31 storeys.

Ioco Lands: Public engagement began in 2015, but the land owner (Brilliant Circle Group) recently changed its lead architect and project leader from James Cheng to Peter Busby. See New architect for Ioco Townsite project (Tri-City News, March 7, 2017.)

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