Taxes — 2017

Taxes — 2017

From council agenda package for April 25, 2017:
“The draft Financial Plan Bylaw includes a 4.97% operating tax increase and a 1% capital Asset Levy tax increase, and sets the property tax increase at 5.97%. The utility user fees proposed in the Utility Financial Plan were approved by Council in the Fees Bylaw at a Regular Meeting of Council on November 1, 2016. Together with the utility increases, the blended or total property charge increase is 5.24%.
Property Charges
The 2017 Financial Plan presented for Council’s approval shows a total property tax charge increase of 5.97% for the average household assessed at $856,000 for 2017, or $121 for the year ($2.33 per week). The total blended property charge, which includes property tax and utility levies, is estimated at approximately $3,266 for the average household, an increase of 5.24% from 2016.”

The full information package is available from city webpage 2017 Minutes & Agendas; select the link for April 25th.

Council agenda, April 26, 2016: Taxes, Transportation Plan, Public Hearings, more
Port Moody City Taxes — more graphs, samples, and information [June 2016]
Changing neighbourhoods: Demovictions, heritage, and taxes [June 2016]

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