June 13, 2017 Public Hearing, Item 1: 2313-2315 St. Johns Street

June 13, 2017 Public Hearing, Item 1: 2313-2315 St. Johns Street

Proposal was defeated January 12, 2016, and is back with revisions.

Excerpts from June 13, 2017 agenda:
“At the Public Hearing, a number of residents spoke in opposition to the project for a variety of reasons, including concerns with the impacts on views, the number of units being proposed, the narrowness of St. Andrews Street, street parking and the impacts on existing driveway accesses on St. Andrews Street, and the number of tandem parking spaces and visitor spaces being proposed.
“The property at 2313-2315 St. Johns Street, which is designated Multi-Family Residential in the OCR, consists of three one-family residential (RS1) zoned lots that previously had two single detached dwellings on them.
Project Revision
Following Council’s decision to defeat third reading of Bylaw No. 2982, the proponent reviewed the proposed project with a view to addressing the concerns raised at the Public Hearing.

Based on that review, the proponent has made a number of changes to the project, including:

  • The reduction of the number of storeys proposed for Buildings 1 and 2 which front St. Johns Street, so that they are a maximum of three storeys, in conformity with the maximum height as set out in the OCP. As a result, an OCP amendment is no longer required. The maximum heights for the three proposed buildings are as follows

o Building 1 reduced from 13.5m to 10.5m;

o Building 2 reduced from 11.7m to 10.5m; and

o Building 3 fronting St. Andrews Street remains at a maximum height of 10.5m;

  • A reduction in the number of proposed townhouse units from 17 to 15 units;
  • A reduction in the number of units in which tandem parking spaces are proposed. Nine of 15 units are proposed with tandem spaces, compared to 13 of 17 units previously;


  • An increase in the number of visitor spaces on-site from three to four spaces, one space more than required by the Zoning Bylaw.

For complete information, review the public hearing agenda available online here or here. Comments can be submitted in writing by noon on June 13, 2017 to clerks@portmoody.ca; you can also comment in person at the public hearing.

Update: Approved for third reading (unanimous). Fourth and final reading to follow at upcoming meeting.

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