Monster council agenda, June 13, 2017: development, parks, more

Monster council agenda, June 13, 2017: development, parks, more

Ambitious agenda, with 428 pages, available online here or here.









Some of the items:

  • If forwarded from the earlier public hearing(s), council will discuss passing 3rd readings for rezoning for both items: (1) 2313-2315 St. Johns Street; and (2) Bold Properties, Clarke and St. Johns Streets, west Moody Centre.
  • David Avenue Extension – Review of Potential Alternative Routes [Bert Flinn Park]
  • Development Permit, Suncor Energy, 9995 Barnet Highway
  • Coronation Park Neighbourhood Plan Financing Strategy
  • Consultation on “Monster Homes” in Glenayre

In addition to the above …

Parkland Acquisition Strategy

“Recommended Resolution: THAT the City of Port Moody develop a parkland acquisition strategy which includes an implementation plan and timeline for the acquisition and expansion of new parkland, trails, and pathway systems relative to population growth in Port Moody. […]

Moody Centre has no Community Parks and very small, substandard Neighbourhood Parks; […]

The residents of Port Moody place a high value in their parks and trails. In 2016, Port Moody conducted a citizen satisfaction survey which showed a high satisfaction rating with current parks, trails, and other green space. However, residents would like the City leaders to continue to keep parks high on their list of priorities.

When asked, “What is the most important issue facing your community that is the one issue you feel should receive the greatest attention from your local leaders?” Parks/Recreation/Culture was the third most important issue on people’s minds after Transportation and Growth/Development.”

Update: Council defeats motion to prioritize this item, citing it as unnecessary and that the Master Parks and Recreation Plan covers the matter sufficiently. The vote was 4:2, with councillors Glumac and Vagramov arguing unsuccessfully that this prioritization was necessary given the rapidly increasing number of development proposals and applications.

Moody Centre Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Area Plan — Recommended Land Use Concept

“Recommended Resolutions

THAT the Recommended Land Use Concept for the Moody Centre Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Area be endorsed as recommended in the report dated June 6, 2017 from Development Services Department – Planning Division.
AND THAT staff prepare an Official Community Plan (OCP) Amendment Bylaw, which will include land use designations, policies, and Development Permit Area Guidelines, for Council consideration;

AND THAT the requirement […] to prepare a report for submission to the Community Planning Advisory Committee prior to consideration by Council be waived for this OCP Amendment

This recommended concept represents a massive change to the area.

Should any steps be waived? Should a town hall be included?

Update, shadow imaging sent by a Moody Centre resident.

Link below contains short video clips for different times of the year:
If you have trouble with the link, copy and paste into your browser, then press enter.

Update: Council agrees to waive requirement to send matter to Community Planning Advisory Board (CPAC). The vote was 4:2, with councillors Glumac and Vagramov against skipping the standard council-approved CPAC step.

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Of general interest:
Major developments loom on Port Moody horizon
City eyed for massive residential projects as industry exits, SkyTrain arrives
By Frank O’Brien | June 7, 2017
Business in Vancouver (BIV)

“The exit of major employers and the arrival of transit is leading to a big transformation of tiny Port Moody, once a multi-company town heavy with industry and now a waterfront link in the SkyTrain Evergreen Line extension.
As of last week, the city was handling 30 development applications – 23 of them in Moody Centre, which is fronted by the Evergreen extension and is the focus of the city’s bid to encourage narrower housing lots. Most development applications are requests to rezone for higher-density residential.”

Click on title link above for full article.

The Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA) encourages people to review the agenda material for more complete information. We welcome your comments.

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  1. Pat says:

    Way too much on agenda for one night. STOP this.

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