Flavelle Public Hearing (“Oceanfront”)

Flavelle Public Hearing (“Oceanfront”)

July 25, 2017, 7:00 pm, City Hall

Public input can be provided in writing (clerks@portmoody.ca) no later than noon of the day of the hearing and/or in person at the public hearing.

Image immediately below is from agenda materials.












The complete agenda material is available here or here. We encourage review of the document in whole. Please note the material does not include any public input received after the January 2017 open house. Public input from the February Community Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) is not included, nor is comment received after that date. We are told there will be “on-table” materials including public input that was not included in the agenda package. This is disappointing as it does not allow interested parties time to review these comments in advance. [Update: Council approved moving this project forward at its subsequent meeting.  The public hearing minutes only summarize public input received in-person at the meeting, and ignore summaries of written input, and therefore do not provide a complete public record.]

Comments from both public and official materials note both positives and negatives associated with the proposal.

Below are some agenda excerpts.

Summary of positives and negatives from pages 31-32 of the 80 page agenda:

“In summary, the elements of the proposed plan mentioned most frequently as liked included:

¦ Improved public access to the waterfront;

¦ The park space;

¦ The trail network;

¦ Bringing more businesses and jobs to Port Moody;

¦ Adding more housing to Port Moody;

¦ The mix of uses;

¦ Shopping opportunities;

¦ The barge basin; and

¦ The plaza.”

“In summary, the elements of the proposed plan mentioned most frequently as of concern included:

¦ The density of the development;

¦ The height of the towers;

¦ The number of towers;

¦ The traffic impacts;

¦ The population and other community impacts;

¦ Insufficient park space; and

¦ Rising sea levels/geotechnical conditions.” [See city OCP map, Hazardous Lands.]

Excerpt from page 19 of the 80 page agenda:

“Executive Summary

Flavelle Oceanfront Development (Flavelle), the owner of the waterfront mill property located at 2450 Columbia Street, has applied to amend the OCP to redesignate the 11.9ha (29.Sac) site1 that it owns from “General Industrial – Special Study Area” to “Mixed-Use Oceanfront District” to allow the redevelopment of the lands to a high-density mixed-use neighbourhood (see Attachment 1 for location map).

The plan put forward by Flavelle proposes 3,397 residential units and a mix of other uses including light industrial, commercial, office, private indoor amenity space, and possibly a congregate care facility and a hotel (see Attachment 2). Approximately 3.1 ha (7.53ac) of the site is proposed to be publicly dedicated as parks and open space, which is 25% of the site area currently owned by Flavelle.”

From page 5 of the 80 page agenda material

“2. Amendment

2.1 Chapter 4 of Schedule A of City of Port Moody Official Community Plan Bylaw, 2014, No. 2955 is amended by adding the following as section 4.1.4 and renumbering subsequent sections accordingly:

“4.1.4 MIXED USE – OCEANFRONT DISTRICT – The Mixed Use – Oceanfront District designation applies to the development of a mix of residential, commercial, light industrial, institutional, and public open space uses on the waterfront site currently occupied by the Mill and Timber sawmill.”

2.2 Chapter 8, section 8.9.2 of Schedule A of Bylaw No. 2955 is amended by adding the following new subsection:

“(e) High-Density Multi-Family Form: High Rise (up to 38 storeys)

This designation is limited to the Oceanfront District and provides for high density residential development predominantly in the form of apartment buildings. Building heights are limited to 38 storeys.”

At the June 27, 2017 regular council meeting, staff’s recommendation was to lower the density requested by Flavelle, but council voted to keep Flavelle’s request on the table.

Page 24 of agenda material:

“Staff believe that this scaling back in density should be on the residential side and not at the expense of the employment generating floor space since creating intensive employment generating activities is one of the key themes of the OCP vision for the site. Staff, therefore, believe that the number of residential units at the Flavelle site should be reduced from Flavelle’s proposed, 3,397 to a maximum of 3,000, which would yield a UPA of 102. Even with this reduced density, it can only be accommodated by most, if not all, of the residential building forms on the site being high-rise.”

On the same page, staff note that the amount of employment generated is dependent somewhat on unknown future demand:

“Flavelle is proposing that the hotel and congregate care facility only be labelled as “potential” uses in the plan because of uncertainty over market demand. These two uses together account for 16,815m2 (181,000ft2) of the employment generating floor space, and 144 of the jobs.

With respect to the office building, which is 9,197m2 (99,000ft2) of the employment generating floorspace, Flavelle’s commercial market consultants concluded that the demand for this building is likely limited, which calls into question whether it will eventually be constructed. This office space accounts for 375 of the jobs on the site.

If the hotel, congregate care facility, and office are ultimately not built due to lack of demand, the amount of employment generating floor space on the site will drop by 62% to only 16,257m2 (175,000ft2) and employment on the site will drop by 46% to only 611 jobs.”

There are quite a few “unknowns” due to uncertainty over future market conditions.

This is a very significant proposal and MCCA encourages residents to consider the plans and provide input to council. MCCA also welcomes your comments.

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Please note, on the regular council agenda following the public hearing council may vote to pass 3rd reading of the Flavelle OCP bylaw amendment. Fourth reading follows at a later date and is largely a formality.

Following the public hearing, the regular council agenda, also available here or here contains more items for discussion, including “Zoning Bylaw Amendment to add RS1-S Zone for Small Lot Subdivisions – Adoption.”

General interest:
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Frank O’Brien, Western Investor, June 22, 2017

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