Public hearing(s) and council agenda, October 10, 2017

Public hearing(s) and council agenda, October 10, 2017

At 7:00 pm, at City Hall, four items are to be discussed at public hearing, and following the public hearing(s), a regular council meeting will begin, with another packed agenda (423 pages !).

All city material for the above is available here. At the time of this posting, agenda items are not yet available at 2017 Council Minutes and Agendas.

Public hearing items:

1.1 Zoning Bylaw Amendment to Incorporate Density Bonus

1.2 Rezoning Application – Small Lot Subdivision, 2602 Henry Street

1.3 Prioritizing Higher Density Development – Proposed Official Community Plan Amendment

1.4 New RS1-S Zone: Official Community Plan Bylaw Amendment (Moody Centre Intensive Residential Development Permit Area Guidelines)

Comments to the city can be sent by email no later than noon on Oct. 10 to, and/or comment in person at the public hearing(s).

Update on public hearing(s): MCCA received the comment inserted below and it’s included here since it adds more to the conversation than just the brief descriptions posted above.

“Two items that will be part of the Public Hearing on Tuesday have a City-wide impact.

Item 1.3. Prioritizing Higher Density Development. Back in June, Councillor Lahti expressed her concern about development pressure saying: “It’s not the right time for densification of an area that’s not well-serviced and is completely dependant on automobiles.” Item 1.3 adds a new goal of prioritizing higher density development where it is well served by transit and public amenities. Council is to be applauded for supporting this up to this point. [ed. note: see Another gigantic agenda (financial report, Andres, Flavelle, Ioco, and more); Marcon open house, busy weeks ahead for an excerpt from Councillor Lahti’s memo to council.]

Item 1.1. Zoning Bylaw Amendment to incorporate Density Bonus. This one is problematic for a few reasons.

  • A City-wide base Floor Area Ratio (FAR) 2.5 without a map showing which areas it applies to is troubling.
  • Port Moody’s own statistics (see chart below) show the FAR of existing Port Moody high density neighbourhoods as lower than what is being proposed as base density.

Source: City of Port Moody June 2017 TOD presentation

  • The second issue is that the proposed bonus density has no maximum. Here are MAXIMUM FARs set by our neighbours:

Bottom line from a community point of view is that projects with a density similar to our highest density neighbourhoods (Klahanie, Suter Brook, Newport Village) will not fall under Bonus Density provisions. And for those developers who want to use the Bonus Density provisions, no maximum density is being set.

Given that high density developments are likely in Moody Centre, I suggest that MCCA and its members share their thoughts.

Gaetan Royer

Regular council agenda, as noted above, is packed, and includes public hearing items listed above and much more.

The Marcon proposal for 252 new units on St. George Street between Williams and Buller is the single largest part of the agenda package. The 252 units would replace 22 homes. Two 6-storey buildings would contain 179 of the total units. The OCP envisions up to 3 storeys in this area. If approved, this proposal may go to public hearing on October 24, 2017.

Marcon held an open house on June 28 (more info here), and was discussed at the Community Planning Advisory Committee meeting of July 4, 2017. CPAC material is available from this link: 2017 Committee Agendas & Minutes.

The Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA) encourages you to review the material at the links provided above.

We welcome your comments.

Related updates, Tri-City News, Oct. 12, 2017:
Port Moody to prioritize higher density development — in some areas

St. George project to daylight creek, create new park [Marcon proposal, to public hearing Oct. 24, 2017]

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  1. mccapm says:

    We welcome additional comment. It’s difficult to digest the large volume of information coming out by way of huge agenda packages and other sources on so many issues/topics, and sharing insights and/or opinions can be very helpful.

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