Council meeting: Density bonusing, Marcon development, Moody Centre TOD, Seaview townhomes proposal, and more

Council meeting: Density bonusing, Marcon development, Moody Centre TOD, Seaview townhomes proposal, and more

Update: The Marcon proposal for 252 new residential units, including two 6-storey condo buildings, on St. George St. (3000 block) to replace 22 single-family-homes was approved by council at its regular meeting following the earlier public hearing.

On October 24, 2017, council will sit for a regular council meeting following the 7:00 pm public hearing for the Marcon St. George Street development proposal.

Once again, the agenda is packed (593 pages) !

We recommend interested parties review the package, available here:
2017 Minutes and Agendas (click link for October 24, 2017). You can choose to review all or select items. A few topics are touched upon below, a tiny sampling given the large agenda package.


Item 7.2, Zoning Bylaw Amendment to Incorporate Density Bonus – Third Reading and Adoption; this was considered and deferred on October 10, 2014.

Excerpt below is from agenda materials, page 114.
“The use of a density bonus provision, to allow owners to develop at a higher density in return for provision of community amenities, will be permitted throughout the City where lands are rezoned to permit higher density residential development. Potential amenities to be provided include:

  • Community facilities
  • Parks and Recreation Facilities
  • Environmental Enhancements
  • Arts and Cultural Facilities
  • Public Art
  • Streetscape and/or Pedestrian Related Improvements
  • Affordable or Special Needs Housing or Contributions to the Affordable Housing Reserve.”

There was some concern about lack of specifics, such as no definition of maximum allowable FAR (floor area ratio).

On Oct. 10, council asked: “THAT this item be postponed for staff to report back on the existing Floor Area Ratio for existing developments (e.g. Newport, Suterbrook, etc.).”

The table below is a new summary from staff.

Much more on this is available at the agenda link above.


Items 7.3 and 7.4, Marcon St. George development proposal

If forwarded from the same-day public hearing, council will decide whether to pass 3rd reading. See recent post Public hearing, Marcon St. George St. OCP and zoning amendments for more information.


Item 9.1, Moody Centre Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Area Plan – OCP Amendment

After discussion, this item will likely go to a public hearing to be held on November 28, 2017. The Moody Centre Evergreen Skytrain station is given as the reason to designate this area as TOD. This was council’s decision (and not a requirement to other authorities such as Translink or Metro Vancouver/GVRD in order to get this station).

The subject area is coloured blue in the image below.

The current OCP notes the current allowable storey height as ranging from 4 to 12. The proposed amendment more than doubles the maximum storey height.

From page 396 of agenda materials:

On November 17, 2015, Council endorsed the TOR for the preparation of an updated plan for the Moody Centre Station TOD Area. The purposes of the project were to:

  1. implement TOD principles by exploring appropriate density and land use changes that support the Evergreen Line while being sensitive to neighbourhood context;
  2. analyze land use and policy, with a primary focus on the Station Area core and transition areas;
  3. analyze land uses along plan boundaries to ensure a coordinated and sensitive transition of land uses, density, and built form to adjacent neighbourhood areas;
  4. coordinate the provision of amenities, utilities, and improved transportation connections; and
  5. review and develop parking standards.”

Moody Centre TOD plan: Changing concepts and visions … ?

The concepts presented for Moody Centre have changed dramatically in a few years.

Of “historical” note, the prior OCP adopted in 2011 (now rescinded) describes Moody Centre very differently. Inlet Centre (not including Coronation Park) was the designated area for residential buildings up to 26 storeys.

From prior OCP adopted in 2011, (reference copy here), Page 80, on Moody Centre.

“The maximum density of multi-family in areas designated for multi-family residential and commercial uses will generally range between 30 and 80 units per acre with a maximum building height of three storeys. As well, a fourth storey may be considered on the north side of St. Johns Street, with the exception of the properties located at 2718-2732 St. Johns Street and 2713-2725 Clarke Street where a fifth storey may be considered, where a proposed project exhibits an exceptional architectural design, maintains view corridors and steps back upper storeys.”

Note the prior OCP also included more specifics, such as the units per acre referenced above.

The current OCP is in stark contrast to the prior OCP.

The abundance of proposed amendments to the current OCP is striking and if most or all are approved, the amended OCP would be in stark contrast to the current OCP.

Related, in the news:
Letters: Development and density in Port Moody, Tri-City News, opinion

Public to weigh in on new vision for Moody Centre, Tri-City News, Oct. 27, 2017 (update)

Is increasing supply worsening Metro Vancouver housing affordability?
Frank O’Brien, Business in Vancouver, Oct. 11, 2017

The ability to buy a condominium has declined in the Metro Vancouver suburbs with the highest multi-family housing starts

Supply is said to be the solution to affordable housing in Metro Vancouver, with a developer group urging mass re-zoning of single-family neighbourhoods to accommodate higher-density residential.
In Port Moody, where the arrival of transit has boosted home construction, the typical condo apartment price is up 25.2% from a year ago to more than $600,000, according to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. Once inexpensive, Port Moody is now the fifth-least affordable place to buy a condo in Metro Vancouver, according to Vancity.
[Click on title above to read complete article.]


Item 9.4, Seaview proposal for 28 townhomes

“If approved, this item is recommended to go to public hearing on November 14, 2017. The Allaire Group has applied to redevelop four single family lots at 64-74 Seaview Drive to enable the development of a 28 unit townhouse project. The subject properties are designated Single Family Low Density in the Official Community Plan (OCP) and are zoned One-Family Residential (RS1).” [from page 446 in the agenda package]


There is much more information on this site on much of the above, including Moody Centre Transit-Oriented Development (TOD). Scroll down, or use key words with the search tool.

The Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA) welcomes comments via email or online.

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