Council agenda for January 23, 2018, includes taxes, public lands, zoning bylaw, more

Council agenda for January 23, 2018, includes taxes, public lands, zoning bylaw, more


The agenda package is 490 pages in total, available from the city website here or here. Please note the information below is limited, and for full context MCCA encourages review of items in their entirety from the city links provided.

  • 2018 Draft Financial Plan

    (consent agenda)
    Recommendations from the Finance Committee meeting held on Tuesday, January 16, 2018. This item is on the “consent agenda” meaning it will be discussed if a member of council asks. There are a number of items listed. The final item on the list is:
    “FC18/015 — THAT a draft proposed tax rate increase of 4.6% be presented at the Public Budget Consultation Town Hall meeting on January 30, 2018.” More information should be available at the upcoming town hall. Note, this is just over one week away. For additional information including historical, see separate post Port Moody finances and taxes, 2018, council agenda January 23rd

  • Tri-Cities Healthier Communities Partnership Revised Terms of Reference (15 pages)

  • Proposed Factual Information Communication Campaign Costs (Pages 45-48)

  • City Events Update (Pages 49-54)

  • Woodbridge development (6-storey residential rental building, 3131-3137 St. Johns Street), final reading and adoption.

  • Release of Restrictive Covenants (Aragon development land, Clarke St.). Covenants registered in 1995, 2002, 2005, now redundant (e.g., Appleyard House now relocated).

  • Rezoning Application – Small Lot Subdivision, 2707 St. George Street. A single-family home will be demolished and replaced with two new homes. Recommendation: Public Hearing to be held on Tuesday, February 13, 2018.

  • Working Draft – Zoning Bylaw, 2018. Recommendation: the draft be received for information. This item has been delayed for many years. Almost 200 pages (of 490) in the council agenda package (links above). This is an extremely important document as it guides development and land use, and is a partner document to the Official Community Plan (OCP) but more specific. As this is a working draft, more consultation and time will be necessary before completion. For more information, see city material and separate post Working Draft – Zoning Bylaw, 2018, January 23 council agenda.

  • Glenayre Neighbourhood RS1 Zoning Review – Follow-up on Council Resolution

  • [Sale of] Public lands: Former Fire Hall and Current Works Yard Sites – Official Community Plan Amendment and Rezoning. Pages 353-414 in agenda (links above). Yet again, a recommendation to waive the requirement for review by the Community Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC). See Council ditches pesky council-approved procedures: Moody Centre TOD (Coronation Park is another example). Recommendation to send to a Public Hearing to be held on March 13, 2018. Agenda information includes feedback received from December 4, 2017 info session. For more information, see city material and separate post Public land for sale — January 2018 update, council agenda January 23rd.

  • Beaver Management Plan (6 pages). Recommendation: “That staff be directed to develop a Beaver Management Plan that promotes coexistence, outlines best management practices, and implements strategies that use alternatives to extermination and/or relocation wherever possible as recommended in the report dated January 11, 2018 from Councillor Meghan Lahti regarding Beaver Management Plan.” … “In December, there was a decision made to remove the beavers from the city infrastructure and unfortunately, one of the young beavers was killed accidently during this process. This unfortunate accident has caused a great deal of anguish in the community and there is a feeling of distrust amongst residents towards the City and staff. While this was a terrible accident, it is clear that things could have and should have been done differently. It is important to move forward from this incident with a shared understanding of how the City will address beavers in the future. Without a Beaver Management Plan, there is no guarantee that this type of accident will not happen again.”

  • Gatensbury Road Improvements – Next Steps (5 pages). Gatensbury Road in Moody Centre (up the hill to Coquitlam) is steep, narrow, and has had increases in traffic and accidents. “Improvements for Gatensbury Road are planned as part of the 2018 Financial Plan. The scope of work includes full reconstruction of Gatensbury Road, renewal of underground utilities, installation of traffic safety measures, and the provision of pedestrian/cycling infrastructure.”

  • UBCM 2018 Emergency Operations Centre Grant (Pages 435-446). “UBCM has announced the availability of grant funding to municipalities for emergency operations centres (EOC) and training. Grant funding is intended to support the purchase of equipment and supplies required to maintain or improve EOCs and to enhance EOC capacity through training and exercises.”

  • No-Fee Business Licence for First Year of Secondary Suite (Pages 447-452)

News links, Tri-City News:
Letter: Port Moody needs a density discussion, Jan. 16, 2018
Anmore Green must submit septic plan by Friday, Jan. 18, 2018 (septic field not in Port Moody, but adjacent and potentially affecting PoMo land, including schools)

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