Working Draft – Zoning Bylaw, 2018, January 23 council agenda

Working Draft – Zoning Bylaw, 2018, January 23 council agenda



Recommendation: the draft be received for information. This item has been delayed for many years. Almost 200 pages (of 490) in the council agenda package for Jan. 23, 2018, available here or here.

This is an extremely important document as it guides development and land use, and is a partner document to the Official Community Plan (OCP) but more specific. As this is a working draft, more consultation and time will be necessary before completion. Emphasis added (to city material text below).

Excerpt from Executive Summary:
“Proposed City of Port Moody Zoning Bylaw, 2018, No. 2937 (Attachment 1) would replace the City’s current 30-year-old Zoning Bylaw. It would also replace the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) Zoning Bylaw, No. 511 that applies to lands in the loco area, as well as City of Port Moody Off-Street Parking Bylaw, 1988, No. 1919. The new bylaw contains hundreds of changes, some relatively minor and others that are more substantive, including the creation of new zones to accommodate modern forms of development (e.g., four- to six-storey buildings) and the removal of some existing zones that are no longer relevant (e.g. adult-oriented activity).”

Background (excerpts):

“In addition to Zoning Bylaw, 1988, No. 1890, part of Port Moody is currently covered by a separate bylaw: GVRD Zoning Bylaw, No. 511. This Bylaw applies to the lands west of April Road that were brought into the City as part of the major boundary expansion in 1992, including properties north and south of loco Road, the loco Town site, the Imperial Oil facility, Burrard Thermal, and the majority of Belcarra Regional Park. Part of the process of adding this area to Port Moody included an agreement between the GVRD and the City that Bylaw No. 511 would remain in effect in that area until Port Moody adopted a new zoning bylaw that included the expansion area.” …

“A number of amendments in response to Council’s concerns have been addressed in recent years. The following recent Bylaw amendments and regulations have been maintained and incorporated into the new Bylaw:

¦ Large Homes (Definition of Storey (No. 2919));

¦ Lot Width and Lot Depth (No. 2970);

¦ House Size and Siting (No. 3004);

¦ Expanding Uses in M1 Zones (No. 2946, No. 3059);

¦ Small Lot Subdivision (No. 3070); and

¦ Density Bonus (No.3091).

The new Bylaw does not yet specifically address a number of other Council priorities because they require further study. Topics now ready for inclusion in the Zoning Bylaw or that will be addressed through Council Policies or future OCP amendments are: framework for Moody Centre Transit-Oriented Development Area; development of the loco Lands; and Affordable Housing Policies.”

Images below from page 245-246, Council Agenda Package for January 23, 2018. Item 9.6, attachment 1. Current zoning, not necessarily reflecting current OCP vision (for example Moody Centre TOD, and recent Marcon OCP amendment on 3000 block St. George St.).

North shore, more detail below


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