CPAC meeting, April 3, 2018: Berezan proposal (3 towers), PC Urban (6-storey apartments)

CPAC meeting, April 3, 2018: Berezan proposal (3 towers), PC Urban (6-storey apartments)

The aerial map above captures several areas with development approved or under discussion. The red marker indicates the area for the Berezan towers if approved. On the top far right is Coronation Park, near the top of the map north of Murray Street is the public works yard and former fire hall (public hearing coming up, likely April 10), the Woodbridge project is kitty corner south of the Berezan red marker (Moray/St. Johns), Onni towers are north of the Inlet Centre station marker, the PC Urban (Dewdney Trunk) proposal area is just south of the Inlet Centre Station marker, Centro (Panatch) is in the area just west of Klahanie (north of the rail tracks), Marcon St. George is north of Terravista near the bottom left of this map, and just north of that is part of the Moody Centre TOD area.

The Community Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) will look at two development proposals on April 3, 2018, 7:00 pm, Port Moody City Hall, as noted above — Berezan and PC Urban (Dewdney Trunk). Full agenda available here (103 pages), or from 2018 Committee Agendas and Minutes webpage.

Anyone wishing to comment can do so in person at the meeting and/or in writing to (by 12:00 noon on the day of the meeting to ensure materials are “on-table” for the meeting). Please note, written submissions will not be summarized in the official meeting minutes.

Item 1: PC Urban proposal, OCP and zoning amendments
First up on the CPAC agenda is PC Urban‘s proposal for an OCP amendment and rezoning application for a “multi-family purpose-built rental project that includes 229 residential units” at 3370 Dewdney Trunk Road.

“To implement the project, it is proposed that the OCP designation for the property be amended to permit a maximum height of six-storeys, and that the site be rezoned to a new Comprehensive Development (CD) Zone. […] The subject property is currently a 17 pad mobile home park, of which seven residences are currently occupied.”

“Affordable Housing
There are currently seven residents living on-site in the existing manufactured home park. While the applicant initially offered to cover the costs of relocating homes to another site, it has been determined that there are no manufactured home pads available in the lower mainland for the remaining residents to relocate to. The applicant is working with the current residents to secure BC Housing rental units and any available subsidies, as well as cover moving costs and a portion of their rents for 12 months. Recently, the applicant has proposed providing four onsite below-market rental units. Accessing the City’s Affordable Housing Reserve Fund would be a key component in providing below market rents. At least one existing resident has expressed a strong desire to move back to the property due to its proximity to transit and services.”

MCCA note: As of the end of December 2017, the city’s Affordable Housing Reserve Fund was at just over one million dollars ($1,055,593). That won’t buy much!

For the PC Urban proposal area, the current OCP designation is for up to 4 storeys, and zoned RS4 (manufactured home parks).

Artists rendering below.

“In conclusion, the project proposes an OCP amendment and a rezoning in order to allow for a six-storey multi-family market rental building comprising of 229 residential units and an overall site FAR of 2.75. Staff are supportive of this application given the housing type (rental) and location of the subject property within the Inlet Centre Station TOD area.” [page 17 on the agenda]

Please use the links above for more complete information, and consider providing your thoughts to the committee.

Item 2: Berezan Management proposal, OCP and zoning amendments

This application seeks major changes in current approved OCP and zoning, including increasing the number of storeys from a maximum of 12 to up to 26 storeys.

The city staff recommendation is to support the proposal to [emphasis added]:

“redevelop five properties located between 3200 and 3224 St. Johns Street for a mixed, commercial/residential project to be developed on either side of the Pigeon Creek which bisects the site. The project consists of a total of 578 residential units and 4656.8m2 (50,125ft2) of commercial floor space. The total floor area is 53,107.6m2 (571,645ft2) and the Floor Area Ratio is 4.5.

The residential component consists of 560 apartment units in three buildings of 20, 24 and 26 storeys of which 84 in the east Tower C, are market rental units. The project also includes 18 townhouses, 15 of which front Golden Spike Way with three facing St. Johns Street east of the creek.”

The community amenity contribution amounts to just under $4 million ($3,828,572.61), which can be used for a variety of purposes.

Under the Public Art Policy, there would be an additional $785,000 contribution.

Density bonus “would be applied at 75% of the value of the increased residential density over a Floor Area Ratio of 2.5. This amount would be determined prior to issuance of a building permit.”

For more information, use the links provided above, and also see above how you can comment in-person and/or in writing.


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