Buckle your seatbelts — Public lands PH, council, CPAC update, in the news

Buckle your seatbelts — Public lands PH, council, CPAC update, in the news

UPDATE, in brief:  The public lands matter has been approved to go to public referendum, to coincide with municipal election, October 20, 2018. More information to come.

Tuesday, April 10, 2017, starting at 7:00 pm, Port Moody council chambers: Buckle your seatbelts.

All agenda materials (public hearings and council) available from 2018 Agendas and Minutes. Anyone interested can comment in-person at the meeting(s) and/or by writing to clerks@portmoody.ca. Written submissions should be sent before noon on April 10th. Note, written submissions will not be summarized in the official minutes.

Public hearings: three in a row

  • Rezoning Application – 2620 St. George Street, small-lot subdivision
  • Rezoning Application – 1243 Ioco Road, small-lot subdivision
  • Public lands: Official Community Plan Amendment and Rezoning Application – Former Fire Hall and Current Works Yard Sites (200 Ioco Road and 3250 Murray Street)

The public hearing on OCP and zoning amendments for public lands at Inlet Centre is expected to be the most controversial. If approved, the amendments will pave the way for sale of the lands to private interests for high-density development. MCCA has reported extensively on this process, including:

Council meeting
Council meeting to follow public hearing(s), likely quite late if the recent Onni public hearing is any indication, when the public hearing part of the evening took about 4 hours. In fact, council deferred many regular council agenda items due to the late hour (ending well past midnight).

Public input is allowed at the beginning and end of the regular council meeting. Note, public input cannot include discussion on the aforementioned public hearing items.

Below is the agenda table of contents. Use the link provided above for complete information.


Item 9.1, Flavelle Oceanfront District, excerpt:
“The site can only be re-designated by the City from industrial to other uses if its regional industrial designation in Metro 2040 is removed. A simple majority vote (50% +1) of the Board is required to amend Metro 2040 for this type of application. If the Board approves the amendment to Metro 2040, Council can then consider adoption of the OCP amendment bylaw which creates a new OCP designation of Oceanfront District for the Flavelle site.”

Item 9.3, Draft Zoning Bylaw, excerpt:
“The working draft of City of Port Moody Zoning Bylaw, 2018, No. 2937 has been updated based on Council feedback received at the Special Council Committee of the Whole meeting on February 20, 2018. Zoning Bylaw No. 2937 would replace the City’s current 30-year-old Zoning Bylaw as well as the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) Zoning Bylaw, No. 511 that applies to lands in the loco area, and City of Port Moody Off-Street Parking Bylaw, 1988, No. 1919. The new bylaw contains hundreds of changes, some relatively minor and others that are more substantive [emphasis added], including the creation of new zones to accommodate modern forms of development (e.g., four- to six-storey buildings) and the removal of some existing zones that are no longer relevant (e.g. adult-oriented activity).”

If approved, this major undertaking will be referred for a public open house to be held in the Galleria at City Hall on May 12, 2018.

Update: Community Planning Advisory Board (CPAC), April 3, 2018 meeting
Original post below: CPAC meeting, April 3, 2018: Berezan proposal (3 towers), PC Urban (6-storey apartments)

Both proposals will be forwarded to council, despite a number of concerns.

The PC Urban (Dewdney Trunk) proposal was approved, though concerns raised included the relaxation of parking requirements, the termination of an agreement in principle with at least one neighbouring property to purchase and include in the land base for the new building, displacement of mobile home residents and what measures might help these residents, and discussion of “affordable” homes.

The Berezan proposal for three towers, townhouses, and commercial space raised many questions and concerns, although many thought the artist renderings were attractive. Concerns included the height and density in comparison to the current OCP, traffic, green space, and that the city (residents) would not receive a reasonable benefit in return for granting the extra density requested. The committee vote was not unanimous, but was a very clear no with Mayor Clay suggesting the proposal had little chance of gaining future approval in its current form.

There will likely be changes requested for one or both proposals before moving forward (e.g., public hearing).

The CPAC minutes are not yet available, but a video of the meeting is available online from the Council Meeting Video Archive (select specialty tab).

In the news, a sampling:


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