Real estate, housing, election caps, general: a sampling of recent news items relevant to Port Moody

Real estate, housing, election caps, general: a sampling of recent news items relevant to Port Moody

In the news, a sampling, real-estate and housing related:

  • Tri-Cities high on list of region’s real estate investment hot spots (TCN, April 24, 2018).
    Comment: Moody Centre ranks 4th by realtors on the list of 25 investment hot spots (areas) listed, but in terms of “value” falls well back, at 21 out of 25 areas. In terms of “average home price (2017)” Moody Centre is ranked as the 2nd priciest out of the 25 areas, with College Park right behind at 3rd priciest. Moody Centre was traditionally considered relatively affordable; this has clearly changed dramatically over the past few years. This list of Greater Vancouver investment hot spots notably does not include some pricier areas (e.g., Vancouver proper), perhaps due to price and current “investment” buying status. Original source identified: MoneySense, Where to buy real estate in Greater Vancouver 2018, April 18, 2018

In the news, a sampling, general:

Municipal election:
Expense caps out for Tri-City candidates (TCN, May 3, 2018)
Excerpt (beginning, click on link above for complete article):

“Tri-City residents considering a run for a civic or school board seat this fall will have to find creative ways to finance their campaigns.

Tuesday, Elections BC released new rules for donations as well as specific spending caps for each B.C. municipality that will apply to the Oct. 20 race.

Under Bill 15, which came into law last November, organizations, corporations and unions are banned from contributing. That means only individuals can financially support a candidate — but only up to $1,200 per donor.

Candidates have expense limits, too, based on the office they’re seeking and the population of the election area:

  • Anmore: mayor $10,000; councillor $5,000
  • Belcarra: mayor $10,000; councillor $5,000
  • Coquitlam: mayor $89,336; councillor $45,343
  • SD43: trustee election area 1 $42,033; trustee election area 2 $15,104; trustee election area 3 $22,368; trustee election area 4 $5,000
  • Port Coquitlam: mayor $40,956; councillor: $20,714
  • Port Moody: mayor $25,371; councillor: $12,779

Based on the last general election, Tri-City Mayors Greg Moore (Port Coquitlam), Mike Clay (Port Moody) and John McEwen (Anmore) would have gone over the new expense limits had they applied in 2014.

[For full article, click on link above.]


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