Flavelle Oceanfront Development, official change from “industrial, special study area” to “general urban”

Flavelle Oceanfront Development, official change from “industrial, special study area” to “general urban”

On council’s agenda for June 12, 2018, Item 7.1, Official Community Plan Amendment – Flavelle Oceanfront Development is set for adoption. Pages 93-216.

Recent summary: The Metro Vancouver (aka GVRD) board discussed this item again on Friday, May 25, 2018, and after declining the request in 2014, and recommending a further denial in February 2018, has now agreed to Port Moody’s requested change based on additional materials submitted by Port Moody.

Image below from Metro Vancouver (GVRD) board meeting agenda May 25, 2018, page 310.

Note: The circle above is double the usual 400m shown in these maps.

Metro Vancouver (GVRD) meeting, May 25, 2018: Regional Growth Strategy Amendment — Flavelle Mill Site, Item G1.2, begins on page 294, ends at p.441 (http://www.metrovancouver.org/boards/GVRD/RD_2018-May-25_AGE.pdf).

Earlier this year: In a memo prepared by MV (GVRD) for its board meeting on Feb. 2, 2018, the recommendation was for the “MVRD Board [to] decline the City of Port Moody’s requested amendment to Metro 2040 for the Flavelle Mill Site and not proceed with a Regional Growth Strategy Amendment Bylaw.

Port Moody responded with additional material to support its request.

The public hearing minutes from Port Moody’s public hearing on Flavelle (July 25, 2017) were part of the submission to Metro Vancouver, and unfortunately did not capture all official public input since written submissions are not currently summarized in Port Moody’s official minutes.

A few excerpts are included below from the MV (GVRD) board agenda (available at link provided above, which has much more on the topic).

Port Moody responses in rebuttal [emphasis added] to Metro Vancouver’s staff comments in letter dated July 21, 2017 (available at link provided above).

From pages 328-329:

  1. The Flavelle site is no longer viable for industry and its current use as a sawmill:

[… includes bullet points to support statement]

  1. Re-designating the Flavelle site would not place added pressure for the conversion of adjacent industrial lands:

[… includes bullet points to support statement]

  1. The Flavelle site is not expected to negatively impact the Moody Centre Frequent Transit Development Area’s ability to accommodate anticipated density to support rapid transit:

[… includes bullet points to support statement]

  1. Additional detailed planning work has now been completed to address the Special Study Overlay on the site and to evaluate the proposal and the regional impacts of converting industrial lands to mixed-use transit-oriented development:

[… includes bullet points to support statement, including the following, page 330]

  • The light industrial employment generated from the required 9,570m² (103,010ft²) minimum floorspace equates to approximately 186 full time equivalent jobs (based on a ratio of 1.81 employees/1000 ft² used in the Urban Futures report). The redevelopment proposal therefore results in a net increase of 126 industrial jobs on the site.
  1. The viability of the site for industrial activities is considered to be limited, and the loss of particular characteristics can be mitigated by providing new and more intensive employment generating activities on site and relocating existing jobs to more appropriate locations in the region:

[… includes bullet points to support statement]

  1. The pressure for conversion of nearby/adjacent active industrial lands, including identification of how the industrial/residential interface, will be minimized as follows:

[… includes bullet points to support statement]

  1. The proposed development complements the strong planning work for Moody Centre and Coronation Park in terms of planned growth and density and provides additional density to support the new Skytrain stations and achieve Port Moody’s population and employment targets:

[… includes bullet points to support statement, including the following, page 331]

  • “The City’s RCS employment goal is 11,527 jobs by 2041 (Port Moody currently has an estimated 7,300 full- and part-time jobs). The estimated 1,130 full-time equivalent jobs on the site represents 26% of the additional jobs required to reach this 2041 employment goal.
  • The City’s RCS population goal is 50,000 residents by 2041 (Port Moody currently has a population of 33,550). The estimated population of approximately 7,000 residents on the site represents 42% of the additional population required to reach this 2041 population goal.

Traffic analysis, from agenda page 356:

From council’s April 10, 2018 meeting:
Item 9.1, Flavelle Oceanfront District, excerpt:
“The site can only be re-designated by the City from industrial to other uses if its regional industrial designation in Metro 2040 is removed. A simple majority vote (50% +1) of the Board is required to amend Metro 2040 for this type of application. If the Board approves the amendment to Metro 2040, Council can then consider adoption of the OCP amendment bylaw which creates a new OCP designation of Oceanfront District for the Flavelle site.”

The Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA) has followed this process closely and for more information, use the search bar (Flavelle, Mill and Timber, Oceanfront), or scroll.

For example, see: Flavelle Oceanfront Development — open house, part two.


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