June 26, 2018 at council — annual financial report, citizen survey, zoning bylaw, park expansion, and much more

June 26, 2018 at council — annual financial report, citizen survey, zoning bylaw, park expansion, and much more

Images below, from agenda Item 9.11 (Flavelle site and discussion on park expansion), and related item presented at June 12th mtg, respectively. See below for more.

Council agenda TOC, June 26, 2018
Total package is 801 pages, links here or here. Too much for most people to read, but you may wish to pull up the file and select certain items for review.

There are public input opportunities near the beginning of the meeting and at the end. Written input can also be sent (clerks@portmoody.ca; council@portmoody.ca) but please note written input is not included in official meeting minutes.

A few notes …

Item 3.3, Annual Report (year ending 2017). Always full of information. Recommended reading; check out the table of contents and you will likely find something of particular interest. Includes assets, liabilities, debt, spending, major taxpayers, and much more. Just one tidbit (and people may feel there are good reasons for it) … Out of 19 local municipalities listed in its comparison chart of taxes, Port Moody is 4th highest, while the City of Langley is the lowest (page 6 of report, 84 of agenda).

Item 9.3, Zoning Bylaw – about 200 pages. Important document which needed a complete review and re-write.
Excerpt from cover memo: “The City’s existing Zoning Bylaw, No. 1890, was adopted in 1988 and was primarily based on a Bylaw from 1974. Over the past 30 years, the Zoning Bylaw has been amended many times, both to rezone properties and to make text amendments. In its current form, the Bylaw has become increasingly challenging to effectively use as an implementation tool for the City’s Official Community Plan (OCP). There are also definitions and terms used in the Bylaw that are no longer relevant, and other definitions and terms that should be added to improve clarity and ease of interpretation, both by staff and the public.”

Recommended reading. Many significant changes. A shortened version of the proposed changes can be found on city website here. If approved, will go to public hearing on July 10, 2018. Discussed at council committee of the whole one week earlier (June 19) after public comment which included an online survey.

Item 9.1, 2018 Citizen Survey (Ipsos). Pages 181-248 with cover memo.
Image below is from first page of the executive summary. Click on PDF link below image for 7 page executive summary, or for the complete report use the council agenda links near the top of this post.

7-page Executive Summary from Citizen Survey, PDF link below.
Citizen Survey-Executive Summary 2018

Item 9.11, A Call to Park Expansion … Rocky Point Park – Flavelle Oceanfront Development — see images at top of this post.
Submitted by Councillor Rob Vagramov. Excerpt: “Recommends modification of the Land Use Plan for the Oceanfront Village future development site in order to enlarge substantially the coastal land allocation set aside for the westward expansion of Rocky Point Park, recognizing that this is Port Moody’s last and only opportunity to make a major augmentation to the size of the City’s most heavily-used and best-loved city park before major impending densifications of the immediate and surrounding neighbourhoods.”

The report references the Port Moody Parks and Recreation Master Plan recommendation/goal of park space creation at a rate of 2.5ha per 1,000 new residents. See the agenda for the entire report/recommendation.

Image below from Councillor Vagramov’s public FB account as of June 22, 2018. Note the size of Rocky Point Park just west of the proposed development on the Flavelle site.

This is not an easy topic with an easy solution, but the Moody Centre Community Association has long advocated for more park space, especially important to consider as population grows. It’s not a topic to ignore, or kick down the road. Councillor Vagramov’s report and the topic itself is worthy of review and serious discussion.

Much more information on the above and other items is available for review in the agenda package (links above).
In the news, a sampling, general:

The Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA) welcomes your comments, via email or as an online comment.


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