Updates: ERH expansion plans, park expansion, CPAC meeting, mayor seat challenger, in the news

Updates: ERH expansion plans, park expansion, CPAC meeting, mayor seat challenger, in the news

Image below, Eagle Ridge proposed expansion, rejected by CPAC July 3, 2018

Park Expansion
In the June 26, 2018 council agenda, one of the hot topics was Councillor Vagramov’s call to consider park expansion in light of a growing population. It was Item 9.11, A Call to Park Expansion … Rocky Point Park – Flavelle Oceanfront Development — see post below June 26, 2018 at council — annual financial report, citizen survey, zoning bylaw, park expansion, and much more.

Out of the seven members of council, the item received support from only two: Councillors Madsen and Vagramov. The other five were very clear in their rejection and suggested Councillor Vagramov’s math didn’t make sense (e.g., that if the city followed it’s own guideline/goal in the Parks and Recreation Master Plan for additional park space for additional population, the Flavelle site is smaller than what would be required, ergo the report from Councillor Vagramov was bad math).

The counter argument is that the report was actually pointing out the problems with intense density without planning properly for park space as defined in the Master Plan.

Community Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC), meeting on July 3, 2018
There were three items on the agenda.

  • OCP Amendment, Eagle Ridge Hospital — unanimous agreement to not support this application to sell public land — intended for health care — for condo development, and without assurances of where land sale proceeds would go (e.g., for local health care needs and hospital expansion). A little bit of irony that CPAC admonished Fraser health for selling land to pay bills while Port Moody is promoting the same with the city owned lands. See news links below for Tri-City News follow-up article.
  • Rezoning and development permit application, 2301-2307 Clarke Street (Paulsun Holdings) — three single-family lots to change to 30 stacked townhouse units in four buildings over underground parking with a central amenity courtyard between the buildings. There was some discussion on accessibility issues. This application now moves forward to council.
  • Rezoning and development permit application, 2421 Clarke Street (CityState Consulting, on behalf of the owner 600614 B.C. LTD., INC. NO. 600614, Damir Dugandzic) — a proposal to develop what is currently a parking lot for the Burrard Public House into six commercial retail units at grade, 35 apartment units, and eight townhouses. After what appeared as a strong, comprehensive presentation with mostly positive feedback from the committee, the proposal is moving forward but with more discussion on a few points. Mayor Clay appeared less onboard when he said near the end, “… This can’t happen. Like, we just can’t allow this to happen [holding up something visual]. And I don’t know what we can do but I think our staff need to come back and give us some advice on how we stop that from happening because that’s terrible for everybody. And I don’t think we should be putting anything forward that ends up looking like that …” It’s not clear what specifically he was referring to, though there was earlier mention of 85 Kyle Street, location of Boothill Junction repair shop.

The minutes are not yet available, but the video can be viewed online: Council Meeting Video Archive (select specialty tab).

Note: Historically, this committee (formerly known as the Land Use Committee) has offered opportunity for public input. The public input option was removed in the latest re-write of the terms of reference, although the public can still attend (just not speak). The committee has been expanded to include three additional people to offset the disbanding of the Advisory Design Panel.

Councillor Vagramov to run for mayor, election October 20, 2018
Councillor Vagramov announced he will run for the position of mayor, with a press release on June 28 and in-person gathering at the pier at Rocky Point Park on June 30, 2018. His election website is: https://www.robertvagramov.ca. See news links below.

In the news, a sampling, general:

The Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA) welcomes your comments, via email or as an online comment.


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