CPAC — MCCA will no longer be represented on city planning committee

CPAC — MCCA will no longer be represented on city planning committee














At Port Moody council’s last regular meeting before summer break (July 24), Mayor Clay announced committee appointments for ‘available’ spots.

The committee member for Moody Centre (MCCA president) was not renewed, or notified in advance that the spot would be filled by someone else.

The Community Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) was formed in early 2017, as a re-vamped version of what was known for years as the Land Use Committee.

Six community members representing different areas of the city have traditionally been members of the committee and this did not change, although the newer terms of reference made reference to nominees from established community/neighbourhood associations, or alternatively interested people who sought and received the support of 10 people as nominators in their neighbourhood.

Appointments are for two years, except because the revamped committee began in early 2017, two of the positions’ terms end this summer, including Moody Centre. MCCA’s renewal application was not accepted.

When asked about the protocol after the meeting, Mayor Clay advised that “The terms of reference for CPAC, which were implemented when the committee was created by Council resolution, is that applicants must be either nominated by a recognized community association, or by 10 members of the area which they are representing.   Neither method is given preferential treatment by staff or Council. The nominators are validated by City staff but are not released to the public – as there was no provision provided to the nominators that their information would be released publicly, it would inappropriate for us to do so.”


  • Should nominators for representatives not put forward by established community associations be made aware their names could be made public, similar to nominations for elected council positions?
  • Is there room for process improvement?
  • Is there current potential for favouritism?
  • Given that MCCA provides information and encourages feedback within the community, should that count for a bonus checkmark on a CPAC application?
  • Should CPAC meetings still allow the public to speak?

On Port Moody’s website, wording in different places makes the selection process a bit confusing.

From the Land Development — zoning and rezoning section, the following appears:


Also from the city website:
Excerpt below from Council Committee System Policy, link here.


The Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA), registered as a non-profit society in 1979, will continue to do its best to keep the community informed and we always welcome your comments. Please note, all our work is unpaid and volunteer-driven.

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