All-candidates meeting October 4, 2018, questions wanted!

All-candidates meeting October 4, 2018, questions wanted!


Update:  Thanks to all of you who submitted questions!  The advance ‘window’ for question submission is now closed; however, we hope for a good discussion on October 4, and will provide questions sent to candidates along with their responses.


Update 2, October 3, 2018
We’ve compiled a rather large document with questions and answers received from 11 of the 16 candidates for municipal council, and it can be viewed at the link below.
Candidates responses to MCCA questions (PDF)

Our sincere apologies to Mike Clay. His response met our requested deadline, but did not appear in our in-box. His response is right below.
Mike Clay-questionnaire responses (PDF)

We’re also providing additional questions we received that we were unable to include in the questionnaire, unfortunately, as there are many excellent questions. We’ll have time for people to ask questions at the meeting as time allows.
Questions submitted to MCCA-REFERENCE (PDF)

We’ll post supplemental information as it’s received.
Richard Biedka supplemental answers (PDF)
Diana Dilworth-questionnaire responses (PDF)
Stirling Ward-questionnaire responses (PDF)


The all-candidates meeting hosted by the Moody Centre Community Association is intended to help inform your vote for councillor and mayor positions for the October 20, 2018 municipal election.

Join us at Kyle Centre on Thursday, October 4th, 6:45 pm. The meeting is open to all Port Moody residents, as many as we can fit into the room available. (The Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce is hosting a meeting at Inlet Theatre on October 11th, and there may be additional opportunities. Update: The City of Port Moody is listing meetings and has added more events/dates at its website here.)

We are inviting your ideas for possible questions for the candidates, and would appreciate your ideas as soon as possible.

We’d like to review and prepare some questions ahead of time (similar questions might be combined), and also allow as much time as possible for “open mic” questions from the audience.

Send questions to:

Talk to your neighbours and friends.

Related, the referendum question with regards to public lands has now been posted on the city website.

The question is:

“Community Opinion Question:
Do you support the sale, partial sale, or lease of the former Fire Hall and existing Works Yards sites to pay for more park land and one or more of the community improvements listed above?”

The city website contains more information on this question. The link is here.

The Tri-City News has two related articles on its website:
PoMo referendum question unveiled, Sept. 11, 2018
Pollster says PoMo question not clear enough, Sept. 11, 2018



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1 Response to All-candidates meeting October 4, 2018, questions wanted!

  1. Doug Buchanan says:

    It would be great to know from each candidate whether they are in favour of or against the current excessive rate of community densification, particularly in light of:
    – severely overtaxed transportation infrastructure, even at the current density – I’d suggest candidates try to get over the Murray Street bridge anytime between 4:30 and 5:30pm, or observe the traffic speeding along residential streets and laneways parallel to St. John’s during the rush hour,
    – maxed out community amenities such that many of us have to travel to other municipalities for our kids/grandkids activities and lessons,
    – the capacity of schools and daycares to take on more families in the area,
    – limited shopping nearby,
    – implications for valuable fields, parks and other greenspace, and
    – the anticipated impact on criminal activity and resulting policing and other expenses, let alone our treasured small community culture.

    Thank you,

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