Great turnout at the MCCA all-candidates meeting!

Great turnout at the MCCA all-candidates meeting!

Thanks to all the candidates and residents who came out. It’s heartening to see this engagement in the community.

Due to the excellent turnout, unfortunately some people were unable to squeeze into the room. All seats were filled until near the end, and people stood where they could find a spot.

MCCA has offered to post additional comment from candidates if they’d like to expand on some of the questions, or add a comment if they didn’t get a chance to respond to certain questions.

Please see post below — All-candidates meeting October 4, 2018, questions wanted! — for responses to advance questions we received from candidates.

Update: There are lots of choices for the council and mayor positions, as well as for the school board. Ways to get informed include candidate brochures and websites, information available on the city website (link here), meetings, the Tri-City News, contacting candidates if you have questions, talking to your friends and neighbours.

The Chamber of Commerce candidate meeting held last Thursday, Oct. 11 was live-streamed on Facebook, and is now also available on YouTube, link here.

On the “community opinion question” we’ve obtained a video segment from our MCCA all-candidates meeting on the question of how candidates intend to vote (public lands), yes or no. The video is short, and available on YouTube here.


The Moody Centre Community Association welcomes your feedback, via email ( or as a comment on this site!


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1 Response to Great turnout at the MCCA all-candidates meeting!

  1. leon vanderveen says:

    Yes that was a good meeting at poor old Kyle Centre. I do appreciate all your assoc. does.

    The politicos again managed to annoy most of those present. I really wanted to point out a couple things. The high cost of housing in Port Moody seems to have gone away. All property values in GVRD have plunged at least 30% in six months. At least if you want to actually sell it, which is the only real value. Port Moody land is SUPPOSED to be about 30% less than nice parts of Burnaby. We are right there now. Good for our local economy.

    Great news! We don’t have to do ANY development around here. A drop of 100 residents in a small town is a big deal. We however, have a population reduction of 500 souls from our dear little area, I think in one year. And I observe plenty of vacant condos / apartments / business space. Can you post the real vacancy percentages please? I don’t have the numbers. I see nothing that will slow the exodus. Least of all confidence in our “leadership”.

    Be aware, the developer interest in new buildings ends when said building is handed over to a management firm for occupying / selling. The perfect situation for developers is dozens of sold buildings standing empty. See Spain for tens of thousands of empty condos / apps. This is every developers dream result. Zero hassles, all the money in the bank, a flat broke city, where is the next gullible town. The plan for Port Moody might be that bad. Our “leaders” don’t know or care beyond their backers orders.

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