Dec. 4, 2018: CPAC, development proposal, 3200 block St Johns, south side

Dec. 4, 2018: CPAC, development proposal, 3200 block St Johns, south side

[Please scroll to bottom of this post to see information on committee changes to term dates and a link for anyone interested in applying.]

Full agenda material for the December 4, 2018 Community Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) meeting can be accessed from city webpage here.

Meeting starts at 6:00 pm, Inlet Theatre Council Chambers (live-streamed).

The public can attend the meeting but there is no verbal public input since the format changes last spring. Email contact info:;;

One primary item:
Rezoning Application – 3227-3239 St. Johns Street, pages 11-88 of agenda package.

“The development site consists of two parcels at 3227 and 3239 St. Johns Street, between Moray Street and Clearview Drive as shown on the Location Plan included as Attachment 1. The properties are occupied by a tire store and auto dealership.”



“Development Proposal:

The development proposal consists of a six-storey, mixed-use commercial/residential building containing:

  • 112 condominium units consisting of 70 one-bedroom and one-bedroom and den units, 32 two-bedroom and two-bedroom and den units and 10 three-bedroom units. The units range in size from approximately 51m2 (549ft2) to 108.8m2 (1,171ft2);
  • 50% of the units will be adaptable units;
  • a gross commercial floor area of 1,365.45m2 (14,697.6ft2);
  • a total floor area of 10,286.2m2 (110,719.8ft2) which results in a Floor Area Ratio of 2.7;
  • a total of 170 parking spaces located to the rear of the building and underground accessed off St. Johns Street at a new signalized intersection. The parking consists of 127 resident spaces, 21 visitor spaces and 22 commercial spaces. Four spaces are identified as handicapped spaces. The project complies with the residential and visitor parking requirements but the commercial parking is deficient by two spaces;
  • 182 bicycle parking spaces which complies with the Zoning Bylaw requirements; and
  • communal amenities including an outdoor landscaped deck, 318m2 (3,418ft2) in size, located on the second level at the south end of the building and an indoor amenity room approximately 154.3m2 (1,660.6ft2) in size adjacent to the outdoor deck. This results in an average communal amenity space of 4.2m2 (45.2ft2) per unit which meets and exceeds the minimum 3m2 (32.3ft2) requirement in the CRM2 Zone.”



See city weblink above for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: Committee update — term date changes

As per the city website:
“By order of Council, committee terms are changing from a September-August cycle to a January to December cycle, with staggered two-year terms. In order to facilitate the transition back to the January to December cycle in as orderly a fashion as possible, Council has opted to end all existing terms on December 31, 2018. Appointments will be made at the January 8, 2019 Council meeting to minimize interruption to each committee’s ongoing work. The application period for the January 2019-December 2020 term in now open. Applications must be received by December 31, 2018.”
City webpage here.

The Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA) welcomes your comments.


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