PoMo 2018 municipal election, campaign disclosures

PoMo 2018 municipal election, campaign disclosures

Update:  We’ve been advised by Councillor Dilworth that approximately $5400 of her expenses were duplicated in both expense column time periods (Jan 1-Sept 21, and Sept. 22-Oct. 20), as a result of form-filing instructions to candidates, and therefore don’t reflect her true totals. The numbers in the chart for all candidates were taken directly from disclosure statements. The election disclosure forms could clearly use improvement.


Candidate disclosure statements for the municipal election held on October 20, 2018 are now available for review at Elections BC. You can search on the Elections BC site in different ways, such as by donor, recipient, or by bringing up all information for Port Moody and sorting by different columns.

Below is a chart summarizing Port Moody candidate disclosures, and includes hyperlinks to BC Elections raw data for each candidate (see link for Excel format below to use direct hyperlinks). For anyone interested, the raw data shows more detail on expenses and donors. Some candidates were able to carry over donations from before rule changes (including to not allow corporate and union donations). Some of the individual donors are associated with organizations that previously donated under the old rules, examples include Panatch, Flavelle (Mill & Timber), Onni, Aragon, Marcon, Beedie, Bold, Andres. Under the new rules, a maximum of $1,200 per donor per candidate applies.

Click below for Excel format:
Municipal election 2018 disclosure statements-2

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Big drop in civic election donations
Elections BC disclosure documents show candidates relied on individual contributions during campaign period.

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PoMo 2018 Election Results


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