Marcon proposal for 45 townhomes, 2800 block St George, south side

Marcon proposal for 45 townhomes, 2800 block St George, south side

Update: This proposal did not receive approval to proceed to public hearing. Instead it will require some degree of re-working to decrease density in order to increase the outdoor green space. For more detailed information, readers can view the discussion at video link here (item 9.3).

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Original post

Page 253 of agenda package

Current aerial view, subject area outlined in red:


Council agenda item for Feb 26, 2019, full agenda available here.

Item 9.3: Revitalization Agreement and Heritage Designation Bylaw — 2801-2831 St George Street

The subject line doesn’t reflect the primary focus of this item; namely, to develop what is currently six (6) single-family dwellings into 45 townhouse units.

The heritage agreement would protect the 7th house on this south side of St George Street.

“Purpose / Introduction
To present for Council consideration Heritage Revitalization Agreement Bylaw, No. 3179 and Heritage Designation Bylaw, No. 3180, and the addition of 2801 St. George Street to the City’s Heritage Register. The development proposal is for the conservation and restoration of the Johnston Residence (2801 St. George Street) and its designation as a protected heritage property, and the development of an additional 45 townhouse units within six buildings at 2801-2831 St George Street.

If approved by council, a public hearing is planned for Tuesday, March 26, 2019.

“The application was considered by the Community Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) on July 30, 2018 and the following motion was passed:

CPA C18/030
THAT the proposed project at 2801-2831 St. George Street be endorsed subject to the applicant addressing the following item:

  • increasing green space in the development.

Since the CPAC meeting and based on feedback from the meeting and staff review, a number of changes have been made to the plan:

  • the removal of one townhome on the west side of building six in order to increase the usable open space area on private property in the southwest corner of the site from approximately 150m2 to 200m2, and the redesign of the usable open space to improve the utility and use;
  • the addition of a one-bedroom secondary suite/lock-off suite in one of the townhome units;
  • the removal of two visitor parking spaces accessed directly from Hope Street to allow for the redesign of Hope Street to provide on-street parking along its north frontage and the addition of some usable open space fronting onto Hope Street; and
  • the addition of a multi-use pathway along Moody Street between Hope Street and Williams Street.”

In bullet point one, above, the increase of 50m2 (538 sq ft) to a total of 200m2 (2,153 sq ft) for “usable open space” is just under 1/4 of one current lot (8,712 is a typical-sized lot in this neighbourhood). The agenda material indicates 48% lot coverage, but it appears to be much more, so it’s not clear how this calculation is made.

The total proposed development area is 60,977 sq ft, or 5,665m2. This includes the home to be preserved at the west end of the block.

One quarter of one current lot, about what is proposed as “usable open space” area in bullet point 1 above is approximated in the small square highlighted in bright red below. The area within the darker red square is the area for 45 townhomes.


Note CD65 in image below. It was two single-family lots until recently redeveloped for 12 townhomes (Sutherland townhomes). The Marcon proposal for the south side of this block is denser, at about 7.5 per existing SFH lot.

Saving heritage:  “WHEREAS the Owner and Council agree that the Heritage Building has sufficient heritage merit to justify their conservation through the use of certain zoning variances;”

“A Community Amenity Contribution (CAC) will be required and the amount will be established once the final floor area, less the area of the existing homes, is confirmed. However, it is likely that the contribution will be based on the maximum $6,000/unit, which would amount to $270,000. Of that total, $89,100 would be directed to the Affordable Housing Reserve Fund with the remainder going towards general community amenities.”

If the Development Cost Charges (DCCs) proposed on January 8, 2019 were currently in effect ($67.91 per m2 of FAR for multi-family residential below 6 storeys), the extra fees that would apply are estimated to be about $747,000 based on about one percent floor area ratio (FAR). This is an estimate because if the total built area is noted in the agenda material, it’s very difficult to read. For more on the city DCC presentation, see previous post Port Moody subsidizing development costs; plans to update fees.

For the Land as a whole, a maximum floor area ratio of 1.09 and a maximum site coverage of 48%.” (page 197)  Note: this suggests the floor area ratio for 45 townhomes on six lots is well above 1.09, and the lot coverage well over 48%.



Page 314
“Applicant Explanation and Reference to Plans, Drawings, and Reports

A public plaza area is proposed to be located on both city and private land. The area has been designed as a space which can accommodate a broad range of activities including use as an informal outdoor performance space. The plaza space will be protected by a covenant in perpetuity and a right-of-way which ensures it is publicly accessible.”

Note the reference to city land above. It’s not clear how much city land, or estimated worth, or whether this is a subsidy provided by the city.

UPDATE re city/private land, response from city to query: There is no City land being included as part of the project. The interface with Moody Street, is part of off-site improvements. As Moody Street as a collector street is 30m wide, compared to standard local streets, such as St. George which is 20m wide, this has allowed for the inclusion of landscaping and seating in this area.

Page 337

  • Reduction of 1 townhome from original proposal.
  • Addition of 1 lock-off suite (out of 45 units).

Page 339

The Moody Centre Community Association welcomes your comments.


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2 Responses to Marcon proposal for 45 townhomes, 2800 block St George, south side

  1. Dad says:

    The “parkette” on what is now the Moody Street Boulevard is far better use of city lands than what is currently there. There is no subsidy, the developer will put a lot of money into it, and the land will remain publicly owned in case Moody ever needs to be widened to 6 lanes of pavement.

  2. Gillian McMillan says:

    I am sorry this application is not currently going forward. What nonsense to nitpick a suitable development for an area so close to skytrain, shops and parkland. We don’t need single family houses with large gardens in the central area.

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