May 14, 2019: Public hearings, council meeting agenda, tables of contents

May 14, 2019: Public hearings, council meeting agenda, tables of contents

Regular council meeting will follow at the conclusion of the public hearing(s) starting at 7:00 pm, council chambers (live-streamed).

Complete agenda can be accessed from city webpages here or here.

Please note public input is allowed, in-person at meetings and/or by written submission to and/or Written submissions are not currently recorded in official minutes.

Public hearing(s)





Item 1.1: “The subject lot is located at 2522 St. George Street, within the Moody Centre neighbourhood, as shown in Figure 1, and is currently occupied by a single-family dwelling. The proposal is to demolish the existing home and replace it with two new single-family residences each with a secondary suite and Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (DADUs) on two newly created lots should the rezoning application and subsequent subdivision application be approved.”

Item 1.2: “The subject property is approximately 809m2 (8,712ft2) in size and is located on Henry Street west of Moody Street in the Moody Centre neighbourhood. The property is currently developed with a single-family dwelling, which is proposed to be demolished as part of the subdivision and replaced with two new dwellings.”


Regular Council meeting to follow public hearing(s), table of contents

Item 9.4 is another letter related to escalating property assessments creating hardship, excerpt below:

“THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Province of British Columbia work with municipalities to explore opportunities to support small businesses, non-profits, and arts-related businesses, including making the necessary changes to property tax classes to create a small business-related sub-class to allow municipalities to apply differentiated non-residential property tax rates to smaller businesses and cultural hubs.”

See previous post: 2019 Property Assessments, actual versus potential use, partial relief

Related, from Tri-City News: ‘Problematic’ tax hit could cost jobs, says Flavelle

The Moody Centre Community Association welcomes your comments.


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