Sept 3 2019: CPAC, 804 Alderside Road, new house build, non-conforming to RS3 zoning

Sept 3 2019: CPAC, 804 Alderside Road, new house build, non-conforming to RS3 zoning

Alderside Road has many RS3 zoned properties, and many are currently non-conforming. There are a few other pockets of RS3 within Port Moody. Link below for Port Moody Zoning map.
2019-09-03-Port Moody zoning map (PDF)

“Purpose / Introduction
To present to CPAC an application for a rezoning to a Comprehensive Development (CD) Zone to facilitate construction of a new house on the property comparable in size to the existing house.”

The existing home was built in 1987 with variance approvals. A newly built home of roughly the same size would not comply with current rules for RS3 zoning, and would be limited to about half the floor space of what the new owners propose. The applicant feels a new build of similar size to the original house would be appropriate.

The owners of 804 Alderside Road purchased the existing home in November 2018. As the home did not meet their family needs, it was their intention to construct a new home. Staff became aware of the proposal in November 2018 and at that time, communicated that new construction must meet the current RS3 zoning regulations. In cases where zoning regulations are amended and a legally constructed building becomes lawfully non-conforming, as is the case with this property, section 529 of the Local Government Act allows an owner to maintain, extend or alter their structures provided that there are no further contraventions of the zoning regulations.”

The owners of the property are proposing to demolish the existing house to the foundation and construct a new house, remove floor area from the main floor, and add floor area to the top floor. The preliminary building plans show a new house 466m2 (5,011ft2) in size. As proposed, the resulting FAR is 1.23.

It is noted that while the existing house is permitted in its current form, any new construction, including construction on the existing foundation, would need to follow the current RS3 Zone regulations. A new house under the 0.6 (60%) FAR permitted in the RS3 Zone would be limited to a maximum size of 228m2 (2,454ft2).”

For complete information, see the agenda package here.

Aerial view

Public input is no longer an official option for Community Planning Advisory Committee meetings (see earlier post Cumbersome or valuable? Community volunteers and citizen input, changes to procedures); however, the Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA) welcomes your comments.


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