Mayor Rob Vagramov back at city hall

Mayor Rob Vagramov back at city hall

Port Moody Mayor Rob Vagramov announces he’s returned to office (CBC News, Sept. 9, 2019)


Split on council

Vagramov said he is eager to return to council, which has had several tie votes during his five-month absence.

“I think the constant three-three votes on some of the big issues have been a driver of anxiety in the city,” he said.

“Luckily not too much has gotten to the point where it’s been such a confrontational state. But there are going to be some big decisions to be made in the coming few weeks.”

Councillor Diana Dilworth, who has opposed much of Vagramov’s agenda, acknowledged that the mayor’s absence had “really resulted in a lot of uncertainty and instability.”

Dilworth said she was disappointed to not hear from Vagramov prior to his announcement on Monday, but was hopeful the mayor would lead council on a more conciliatory path going forward.

“I’m hoping that perhaps he can bring a sense of collaborativeness, and can help get over the division that has been established on our council and that’s reflected in our community,” she said.


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