2019-09-27: Moody Centre TOD stakeholder workshops, preliminary plan

2019-09-27: Moody Centre TOD stakeholder workshops, preliminary plan

Workshop slide, preliminary master plan


The Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA) was invited to attend a “stakeholder workshop” session on September 26, 2019 by the firm Pottinger Bird on behalf of the area property owners (the “consortium”). Six workshops in total were held this week by invitation to various groups.

In the introduction we were told the consortium’s plan is very preliminary, and there will be more opportunity for public input likely in late October.

The plan envisions up to 3,775 residential units plus “retail, office and light industrial spaces that could employ up to 1,400 people.” (If there are 2 people per residential unit, population increase could be over 7,500, and likely lots of vehicles.) This is a much more aggressive built scenario than the densest concept council considered previously. See link below.

If there are towers well above 30 storeys proposed, which seems inevitable to achieve what’s presented in the paragraph above, that translates to 8-9 times the max in the 2011 OCP (which was 4 storeys), and 2-3 times the max from the 2014 OCP (12 storeys), and possibly 50% more than the 2017 OCP amendment. That’s a big jump in proposed density in just a few years.

Some additional slides from the presentation are posted below.

Location, blue rectangle at right-hand side of slide

Land ownership

Vision with rail track crossing (centre)



Comparison, FSR (floor space ratio), also known as FAR (floor area ratio)

Buildings-grey tower aerial image

Transit plaza, intersection of Williams and Spring Streets, note buses at right and left


The Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA) welcomes your comments.



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