2019-10-01: CPAC meeting to review proposal for 6 storey apartment building, James Road

2019-10-01: CPAC meeting to review proposal for 6 storey apartment building, James Road

The Community Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) will meet at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 (city hall) for a preliminary review of this proposal for 148 and 154 James Road, currently two single family homes. The public may attend, but public input is no longer permitted at this stage.


Street view

Below, just a few excerpts from the agenda material. See link below for complete information.

The applicant is proposing to rezone the subject site from RS1 to a Comprehensive Development (CD) Zone. The development proposal consists of a six-storey rental residential building containing 64 units over an underground parkade. The applicant has indicated that there is a potential that 10% of the units could be dedicated for below market rental housing. The development provides a significant number of family style units with 69% of the units being two or three-bedroom units. Specifically, the unit mix contains:

  • 20 one-bedroom units (31%);
  • 26 two-bedroom units (41%); and
  • 18 three-bedroom units (28%).

The proposal has a density, or floor area ratio (FAR), of 3.14. The conventional Six-Storey Apartment Residential (RM8) Zone permits a maximum density of 2.4 FAR. Although the proposal exceeds the maximum density found within the RM8 Zone, the Zoning Bylaw allows for bonus density when exchanged for amenities to the City. In this case, the applicant is suggesting that the feasibility of the development and affordability component is dependent on Council approval of the project as proposed, including the FAR, concessions on DCC payments, and an expedited approval process.

“Access and Parking
Vehicle access to the site and underground parking is provided from James Road. The Zoning Bylaw requires 1.1 parking spaces per dwelling unit for market rental housing, 0.9 parking spaces per dwelling unit for below market rental housing, and 0.2 parking spaces per unit for visitor parking spaces. Based on these bylaw requirements, the project would require a minimum of 68 residential parking spaces and 13 visitor parking spaces.

A total of 58 resident and 6 visitor parking spaces are being proposed with the development. This leaves a shortfall of 10 residential parking spaces and seven visitor parking spaces.”

Financial concessions
“The applicant is also seeking financial concessions to bonus density and development cost charge (DCC) payments. At this time, the City does not have any policy or bylaw in regards to reduced DCCs for rental or below market rental housing. The estimated DCC payment for this project based on the current rates is $485,248.

In addition to DCCs, Community Amenity Contributions (CACs) are typically collected prior to adoption of the rezoning bylaw. The total amount of CACs due on this project would be approximately $299,300 with $98,769 allocated towards the Affordable Housing Reserve Fund and $200,531 allocated towards the City’s CAC reserve.”

Complete information (75 pages), can be viewed at city link here.

The Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA) welcomes your comments.


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