2020-01-07: CPAC meeting, 210 units proposed for property near Moody Middle (Buller, St George, St Johns)

2020-01-07: CPAC meeting, 210 units proposed for property near Moody Middle (Buller, St George, St Johns)

The Community Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) will have its first meeting of the year on January 7, 2020 at council chambers, city hall, 7:00 pm. Public input is not permitted (since spring 2018), but the meeting is available on video, live-streamed or can be viewed later from link here (also contains link to complete agenda material).

The site currently has 4 townhouses facing Buller, and five properties on standard sized lots (two on St Johns, three on St George). The two properties on St Johns are in the OCP map as potentially six storeys, while the properties south are set at three storeys. The proponent (Buffalo Group) is asking for an OCP change to allow six storeys for the entire project.

The property labelled “FUTURE DEVELOPMENT” below is the Forte Living project (MCCA post on public hearing, link here).


Facing St George Street, Building B

Below are just a few excerpts from the agenda material.

Property Description:
The development site is configured in an “L” shape and consists of six properties located east of the Public Safety Building on St. Johns Street and St. George Street, west of Moody Middle School, as shown on the Location Plan (Attachment 1). The development site includes a 40m (131ft) portion of St. Andrews Street proposed to be purchased from the City at market value. The total site is approximately 5,471m2 (1.35 acres) in area and is generally flat. Each of the subject lots is currently occupied with either a single family home, duplex, or quad-plex.”

The applicant is proposing to rezone the subject site from RS1, RT, and RM4 Zones to a Comprehensive Development (CD) Zone. The development proposal consists of two building components:

  1. One six-storey mixed-use building facing St. Johns Street, containing 90 residential units and 867m2 (9,331ft2) of commercial space. Of the 90 units, 32 are proposed to be market rental and 21 are proposed to be below market rental. The commercial space is proposed to be developed for a non-profit childcare provider. This component is consistent with the OCP.
  2. One six-storey multi-family apartment building facing St. George Street and St. Andrews Street, containing 120 units. This component requires an OCP amendment to allow an increase in the building height from three to six storeys.

Non-Profit Childcare Space
The mixed-use building includes ground-floor commercial space, which the owner is proposing to lease to a non-profit childcare provider. The proposal includes 887m2 (9,331ft2) of indoor space and 130m2 (1,400ft2) of adjacent outdoor space. The underground parking features a drop-off and pick-up area which provides direct access to the proposed childcare space via an elevator. The proposed lease rate would be nominal (i.e. $1 per year) for a period of ten years with possible extensions.”

The agenda material does not include other financials such as development cost charges (DCCs) or community amenity charges (CACs) normally payable to the city.

MUCH more information is available in the agenda package here (or use the link provided above).

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The Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA) welcomes your comments.


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