Summary of Jan 17, 2013 meeting comments, from DVD

Summary of Jan 17, 2013 meeting comments, from DVD

[some paraphrasing – not verbatim]

Introduction by Wendy Swalwell, President, MCCA

Introduction of city staff and council

Staff:  Mary De Paoli, Tim Savoie

Council:  Zoe Royer, Rosemary Small, Rick Glumac, Gerry Nuttall, Mike Clay, Bob Elliot (a bit late)

Introduction of Geoff Scott, TriCities TV

Initial questions for council

Still a draft.

Responsible, controlled growth – why 3-4 times growth in Moody Centre when we are on track with Metro Vancouver targets?

TS:  Just a draft.  Reason – Skytrain.  Weren’t sure before about Skytrain.  Activity in Moody Centre because that’s where Skytrain is.

Industrial lands, and special study areas.  What is the process?

TS:  SSAs are mechanism for potential rezoning.

ZR:  SSA concerning – potential for tripling Port Moody population.  Doesn’t oppose development, but problematic.

SSAs – how do they affect the OCP?  Why not part of the OCP process?

TS:  Previous OCP, removed SSAs, given didn’t know skytrain was coming so zero to minimal growth.  Now that’s changed.  SSAs “layer” or policy on top of existing designations.

Ioco, Mill and Timber, Suncor.

Q:  Doubling to tripling population – are you in favour?  And parks?

TS:  Will start to refine numbers as plan progresses.  Parkland, transportation issues will be addressed in a separate plan … Parks and Rec Master Plan etc.  Can’t update until have firm idea of growth, then will update other bylaws.  Developers will contribute to services.

ZR:  SSAs should be looked at in concert with OCP.  Represent a huge geographical area in the community.  Where are these developers?

David Grey:  Don’t  suggest conspiracy theories.  I represent Mill and Timber.

RS:  Too early to say we’re doubling, tripling population.  This is a draft.  Needs public input.  Not up to me – it’s up to you to tell us what you want.  Let us know and don’t complain afterwards.

RG:  OCP represents plan for 15-20 years … future.  Need to agree on what that growth will be.  Parks, pedestrian connections, etc. need to be part of plan.  More concept drawings.  Spring St. promenade, Clarke and Murray, etc.

GN:  Would be a betrayal to you if decision made without public input.  Haven’t made up mind.  See what happens over next few months.

BE:  Past position no development until improved infrastructure.  Now that it’s here I’m in favour of development – what’s best for the city.  Here to listen.

MC:  I don’t have anything to add.

Public questions

WB:  57 years in PoMo.  Seen it all.  Plan majorly flawed.  Global warming.  Problem developing on waterfront.  Put buildings on higher ground.  Need sober 2nd thought.

DW:  change is good, but agree with Wayne about higher ground.  Never thought about higher ground.  Brentwood … have to develop near the train.  Challenge everyone to show up for next council meeting.

DR:  Will be development.  Between Williams and Buller there’s [very low density].  Understand development will come.

TW:  What is the driver for this and why?  Who paid for rezoning study?  Environmental impact study done?  Air quality issues.  Transportation issues.  What studies done?  How funded?

TS:  No rezoning applciation.  Long-term vision for city.  … community input; provide ideas and back to council.

TW:  drivers?  If tied to rapid transit, why not discussed before?

TS:  We now know Skytrain is coming.

Terravista:  MC such a gem, and hoping we can all work together.  Could live downtown, but picked an area that was different.  Want to be involved; know you’ve been working on this since last June but I just found out about it.

TS:  Now have land-use map.  Will be developing an entire plan finalized in early March, then opportunities for council and public feedback.  [mentions design charette, business charette, etc.].

T:  How do we know what’s happening.

TS:  Community papers, website, mailing list (goes to Mary DeP).

2500 block St. George:  Had developers phone and bug us and it’s upsetting – do we hold on or move or what?  They keep saying it’s happening this year.

TS:  Target completion summer of 2013.

WS:  Carriage house rezoning?

TS:  Part of OCP.  don’t want to take away from this process.

Q.  Heritage character area?

TS:  Have to be built within requirements.  Heritage character area significantly larger than core Heritage ara.

DR:  HCA extends east of Kyle.  Burrard Hotel.  6 storeys not respectful for area; 3-4 storeys adequate – no need for 6.  Rewarding speculators.  View blocking.  Previous input was 4 storeys.  Totally against prior feedback.  Opposed to thick corridor.  Can accommodate building in some areas, i.e., dip in ground height at Queens.  Talked about north-south, not east-west.  Never saw long, linear corridor [of 6 storeys].

RG:  Good example of feedback we want to receive.  … concepts … FortLangley type heritage district discussed.  Share your ideas.

David Grey:  Mill and Timber/Flavelle.  2nd OCP process for him.  Difficult process for all.  Port Moody is a gem granted by nature.  Could use a little polishing.  20-30-50 year vision is what we need to talk about.  Worry about talking about individual little areas.  A little part of Port Moody could be like FortLangley.  Need to think big and broad.  Everybody – need to join in process.  … area shouldn’t be oil storage, should be Gateway to Port Moody.

DB:  How much clout does Translink have?.  Who owns what land?

TS:  Translink not involved in this process.  Not aware of who owns what land.

M:  Lived in Port Moody since 2002.  Have property and dental lab.  LovePort Moody, see growth potential.  Property value increase.  Still arguing over OCP.  Has to go forward.  What kind of city would we like to have?  Facilities, services.  City of the Arts.  Don’t see any.  Need city for people to spend money.

DN:  Skytrain will change like Brentwood, Metrotown, etc.  What consideration put in about traffic.  Emergency services.  No way through except 3 lanes and two tiny bridges.  How are we going to move anything through?  All traffic coming through here. Got to consider services.  What this is going to do to our town. … don’t have .7 of a car … most people own a car, more in household.

RG:  Murray Clarke visioning study.  How envision traffic through.  Some people have suggested widening St. John’s.  Don’t think we’ll become a Metrotown; not what I want.  No a forgone conclusion.

JM:  Concerns for Flavelle site.  Last operating sawmill, has been there over 100 years, why not another 100?  Hate to see turn into another Lonsdale Quay.

WS:  Live on Clarke across from Andres.  Talked to a lot of neighbours; one of the issues is group wanting development at west end of Port Moody [Gateway]; neighbours had never heard of it and were not in support … this is an opportunity for people to come up and state points of view.

End of part 1 DVD.  Part 2 starts.

HM:  Pop numbers haven’t been determined, but city materials, incl. charette, did say there could be a tripling of pop if this goes through.  Why do you think there wouldn’t be more cars.  Not all going to be taking Skytrain.  Roads are jammed.  West Coast is jammed.  Have trouble getting out of our driveway.  We already have a problem.  And air quality is a huge concern.  We live in a geographic bowl.

RS:  This is a plan for the future.  We are aware of the traffic problem.  Have to take that into account.  Hopefully with two additional Skytrain stations that will get better … but no guarantee, agree.  Hopefully we’ll think smart.

JP:  Jane St.  Concerned with openness and transparency in communication in every stage of development of OCP, TOD, special areas … concerns about some materials, survey about traffic calming … taught methodology at university and can say that the survey was skewed, not what would I would have wanted.  Not the types of things for a community embracing communication.  Good communication of utmost importance.

JM:  Ioco lands, special study area.  Traffic will eventually be a major impact.  CPR spur line should be maintained as transportation corridor.

MN:  New to area.  One reason I came was the heritage feel.  I don’t see that.  I see Suterbrook on the rendering.  If moving to 6 storey’s on Spring St., don’t see promenade working.  3rd station, for future maybe, is this a step for another plan following to increase in that area?

TS:  No anticipated plan to build a station at west end.  Development would have to compensate.  Problem with location in heritage area.  Re Moody Centre station and renderings, intent is not to create heritage core around station … moving west move into smaller buildings.

MN:  Why moving to 6 storeys west of that?

TS:  Intent never to create a wall of 6 storeys, even though the map shows that.  Lot of nuances that need to be developed.  Moody St. the boundary to something lower … hopefully a mixture of heights.

RG:  for next draft, motion passed for staff to draft a visioning, rendering of area, Spring St. promenade.

PH:  Gatensbury.  33 years.  Seen a lot of changes.  Industrial replaced by residential.  Thought it would be a good idea to turn underutilized land into residential.  Concern is height.  … proliferation of highrises … bad idea.  3 or 4 storeys.  … feel an air of resignation in the room.  I don’t think like that.  Old Barnet hotel site says 12 … has to be more residential but keep it low level.  Developers would love to put in more storeys because there’s way more money in it.  City can … keep some low level character along St. John’s St.

RS:  I asked for the rendering, so we could see … visual person.  Asked for staff to come back with medium density so you can have a better idea of what you want to see for your city.

A?:  Live in 2600 block of Henry with young family.  More services, e.g. groceries would be good …. but our life really revolves around Rocky Point and the Inlet.  Need to maintain connections.  Good summer when bridge was closed down and we could walk across more safely.  … canyon effect problem.  Views closed off.  … green areas.

DN:  When Skytrain discussed … ground level, fought for.  Not elevated, not up in the sky.  Think about it.

CR:  St. George.  … new building by Chevron, used to see a lot of light and have a beautiful view.  Can’t see that anymore.  Sense of darkness.  … 20 storeys a lot more than new building.  … Hear tonight there might not be attendance to historical aspect of Port Moody.

TS/MdP:  New building did make monetary commitment for something representing PoMo historical character.  Not sure yet what it will look like.

GH:  Gatensbury.  concern of traffic.  Take WCE every day, know people come for that.  Planning traffic routes, including smaller arterial routes.  Traffic won’t be decreased by additional rapid transit.  GPS navigation data [could help planning].  … TOD, North American interpretation seems to be highrises … but densified areas in London, Paris, etc. – all building forms within 6 storeys.  Possible to provide a greater variety of interest and community acceptable building forms within medium density of 4-6 storeys without resorting to significantly higher forms … e.g., Chicago no longer seen as the ideal way …

SD:  Is there an advantage of density?  Is there any data that says traffic won’t increase with the Skytrain station?

TS:  examples … Inlet Centre we’ve seen new services for community.  People come to look at it as an example.  Density brings amenities.  More connected, more pedestrian oriented.  Getting office tower in Klahanie.  Because of densification.  Yes, may attract traffic, but that’s why we’re focussing on around Skytrain stations.  Getting people out of vehicles.

SD:  Is there any data that traffic will be reduced with Skytrain?

TS:  I don’t have that data, but certainly give me a call at the office and I’ll see what I can provide.

BS:  Henry St.  since 1986.  … maybe try no density.  We’ve overdeveloped and reached the point of saturation.  Gridlock now.

SL:  Moved here last February (about 1 year).  Have lived in Brentwood, Metrotown, North Van.  Chose Port Moody because of the beauty and I saw the buildings weren’t overly high.  Not against progress, but need to look at the beauty of Port Moody and to take it into very high buildings would take away some of that beauty.

BS:  Highrises in place now clustered well … Klahanie, Suterbrook.  If plan for more, add in that area.  Mistake to put them in blue area (20 storeys).  Don’t ruin the rest of the Inlet with highrises.  Even 6 storeys would be excessive.  Heritage aspect …

WT:  Mary St./St. George.  Didn’t get flyer.  Here to support our community.  Must confess ignorance … quite surprised by all of this.  Can tell people have a passion for this area, and how long people have lived here.  I’ve been here 20 years.  Lived in apt., saved our pennies, got a little house and just love it.  …reminds me of a couple of towns in the states – Leavenworth, Winthrop …  it’s difficult for people to stand up and articulate … what I’m hearing is a passion for this gem of a community, mountains, Inlet, how long people have lived here.  Want to preserve that.  Need the infrastructure.  When voted for councillors, had faith that you were going to look at these things.  May have to grow, but maybe a theme.  Maybe keep the highrises in one area.  Don’t want to block out our mountains, the little bit of water we can see.  Just lost trees, not happy but neighbour is.  Tim, do you live in Port Moody?  [no]  You don’t love it like we love it.

V:  Less than 2 years, but came because we loved Port Moody.  … do a lot of jogging, like the idea of promenade … live in Sonrisa.  A 20 storey building next to us would seem boxed-in … shading effects, etc.

M:  Height seems to be concern … can’t avoid them … some heights can look good if designed properly … most heritage buildings are brick.  Europe a lot of buildings have heritage look but they’re not old. … ask developer to come up with ideas, come up with something exceptional … Rec centre is too small, lack of functionality … don’t have the budget … more population need to think about these things …

WT:  New to area.  We have some high density areas and some people love them.  If more density, preserve walkways, nature ….

DR:  Building heights along St.   John’s … question was what is the driver for this?  I believe some people have been sitting on these properties for many years … call them speculators, sitting waiting, impetus is the Skytrain.  … Interesting proposals under OCP.  Don’t need to entice developers anymore … they will come.  … will get the quirky little shops … don’t need to dangle a carrot.  … If we can’t identify where the parks are going to be – Rocky Point Park is saturated, Kyle bursting at the seams – if you can’t tell us where the parks will be, community centre, strong case to be made that we can’t even handle 10% more people.

WS:  Wrap-up and thank you.  Will let you know about issues … fighting for something we love …


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