Top of mind thoughts on Port Moody – Nov. 18, 2013

Moody Centre Community Association Meeting – November 18, 2013
Top of mind thoughts on Port Moody
Resident comments

No buildings over 12 stories in areas of liquefaction zones.

Parkland should be put into central Port Moody.

Less densification in central Port Moody.


My main feelings about Port Moody revolve around the natural character of the inlet and the relatively quiet residential-oriented nature of the town.

RockyPointPark is under intense pressure from the number of people in the region and it will be too small for the proposed increased density.  More waterfront park area must be reserved – it must not be cut off from the town by high rise development (e.g., the mistakes of Toronto).

Should push for increased density by smaller houses, and laneway houses in existing single family areas.


30 years ago I could walk my dog at Rocky Point and not see another person.  Today I can’t take more than a few feet without dodging kids, dogs, bikes, etc.  Add thousands more??

Traffic is already at a standstill during rush hour.

Port Moody – City of the Arts?  Port Moody – concrete jungle in the making.

I have always loved the small town feel of PoMo and fear I will have to move.


No public service land rezoned to commercial mixed-use until all existing land is used up.

No development until Murray Connector built.

Traffic is unbearable on St. John’s Street.

Noise and air pollution.


Need for planned, extensive green space.

Environmentally sensitive areas protected.

Lack of an overall plan that preserves the small town nature.


The OCP has far too much density – no high rise towers except around Inlet Centre.

The Mill and Timber site should become an extension of the ShorelinePark as protected green space.

We must not lose the small town character, the sense of a forested community linked to the inlet.


Mill and Timber site is inappropriate for 28 storey cluster.  Better to have mixed use away from water.  Parkland around waterfront and creeks.

Have a clear population cap for Port Moody.  One city planner I spoke with had no idea how many more people are coming in with this draft.

Civic infrastructure needs to be in place.  Schools, parks, roads, fire departments, hospitals, shopping.


“Always little problems everywhere” – Mayor Clay, in OCP article in local paper.  My response is this OCP means huge problems everywhere for everyone!

What’s the big rush?

Whose plan is this?  It’s certainly not a community plan!


I love Port Moody but the vision city hall is shoving at us shows me no one on council cares about the future!

We must never develop area “E” on OC Plan.  It can only lead to destruction of lives.

Who deems it that we need high rises and double the population here?  It would appear someone who is interested in development … big development has convinced the decision makers in Port Moody it is what we need … perhaps they should ask voters!


Small town feel will be lost.  Port Moody will lose its character.

Park will be too crowded to enjoy.

Traffic will be horrendous.

Parking impossible even now.


NO high rise development.  Four storeys, with the odd building to six storeys, should be the maximum height.

Traffic and parking will become a nightmare, compounded by traffic coming from significant development in Coquitlam and Port   Coquitlam.

Image of Port Moody should mirror and become the Sausalito of the north – marinas, boutique stores, restaurants – bringing visitors from Vancouver.


OCP process corrupt:  “in bed” with developers.

A local community group with professional lobbyist has the ear of council and too much power.

The average person has no voice and is not being listened to.


Oceanfront area should be extension of RockyPointPark including creek protection.  Rocky Point already over-used IMO.

Natural parkland, walking trails and woods is a major joy to living in Port Moody for adults and children.

Sports facility, running and walking trails.  Healthy lifestyle options all so close.  Kayaking, sailing as well.


I like the strong community feeling that goes with a well planned, slowly evolving community.

I don’t like rapid growth without thoughtful planning.

I don’t like developers influencing the planning of Port Moody.  Developers should submit to the city of Port Moody’s requirements and planning, not the other way around.


Vision – small town feel, charm and ambiance.

Traffic and air pollution.

Murray-Clarke connector.

Want a referendum on final OCP.


Port Moody waterfront development in place of sawmill – negative.

Keep historic homes/buildings on Clarke Street – positive.

Serious traffic congestion on St. John’s and more and more with thousands more people coming into Port Moody – negative.


Questions:  Who’s writing the community plan?  The community or the developers?  How could 4 to 5 storey buildings go to 28 in one year?

Skytrain is just to move people from one place to another.  Why do we have to densify?

Port Moody has just turned into a traffic corridor for cars or trains – we still need a bypass which has been proposed for the last 40 years.


For the town hall meeting:

No limit on time allowed for speakers.

No development higher than 6 storeys anywhere south of the inlet.

For all OCP designations – Add FSR.  Add site coverage.  Add units per acre.


Stop direct contact between councillors and developers.  Somehow?

Use the mill land to expand RockyPointPark.

Limit the development because it is not based on what is good for the public.  It is based on what is good for the developers.

Keep Port Moody small and beautiful.


All new high rise towers next to the existing ones.  Nowhere else.

The OCP should include more green space.

The OCP should include more amenities.


If Port Moody is the ‘City of the Arts’ and the ‘green city’ then it’s difficult to understand why proposals that take away our views and make for less nature, add more traffic, harm the environment, should even be allowed.

Nature.  Space.  Community.  SUSTAINABILITY.


I moved to Port Moody because I could afford a house with a yard here, but I have come to love this city for many other reasons:  heritage character and green spaces.

There is nothing in this OCP to protect the Heritage Character Area.  It will become a worse slum than it is now when businesses have many other places to locate.

Our parks and recreation facilities are wonderful but they are already full.


Close-knit neighbourhoods.

The magnificent views with no high rises (or very few).

The close proximity to other city centres.

Small town feel.


We moved here because of the small town feel.  Parks.  Beauty.

Concern in increase of traffic.  There is nowhere to go now … what happens with increased density?


Parks and green space.

Small town community feeling.



Remove council.

Pass all info to feds.

Which developers are calling the shots to which council?

Pass all info to RCMP.

Ensure all residents know evil plan.

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