2014 — Candidates comment page

Information page for candidates to share information by submitting comments using Leave a Reply at bottom.

Candidates are also welcome to post comments elsewhere.

From Rick Glumac:
Regarding answering ‘yes’ to reopen ocp, I’d like to clarify that I’d like to make a few amendments to OCP to add missing information (missing density limits, height limits, future amenity info, park expansion info, business/commercial ratio, etc.)

From Zoe Royer:
For posting on the MCCA Candidate page:

Councillor Zoe Royer talks about the most contentious election issues… on video:

“On the doorstep, residents express concern for traffic congestion and growth. Many aren’t aware that the current Mayor and majority of Council adopted a new Community Plan (OCP) three weeks ago. A new Plan for Port Moody that calls for 15,000 more people in condo development, mainly in Moody Centre. In the eleventh hour before the election, it is critically important that voters learn about the most contentious issue facing Port Moody, that will significantly change the urban landscape of our community soon after the arrival of SkyTrain.”


1 Response to 2014 — Candidates comment page

  1. Zoe Royer says:

    We need to ensure essentials like parks and schools, infrastructure, amenities and employment form the foundation of new growth in Port Moody… these components of sound planning don’t happen after the fact!

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