Port Moody Residents — March 14, 2014

From Port Moody Citizens Coalition …

Port Moody…
MetroTown or Small Town?
What does smart growth look like?

Port Moody’s Draft Official Community Plan states that one of the Community Visions is maintaining a small town feel.  Does this image look like a small town? 

Moody Centre TOD (Merrick)

Complete pdf document:  To see document in full, click on link:
MetroTown or SmallTown-Mar132014

What is in the OCP?

Maybe the question should be what is NOT in the OCP?  What is missing are any meaningful figures relating to how many people will be living in specific areas.  Other communities include figures on Floor Space Ratios and Units per Acre.  Without this information, our OCP becomes meaningless, and opens the door to rapid population growth which is unsustainable.   We don’t have a current Master Parks plan and Master Transportation plan.  How will people move and where will they relax?

Population targets in the draft OCP call for an increase of nearly 45% over 2011 levels.  With higher population comes higher costs for services such as police, fire, ambulance, sewers, roads, garbage collection.  Parks and recreation facilities are overloaded now.  Port Moody was the fastest growing community in the Metro Vancouver region from 2006 to 2011.

Where will all these people live?  If everyone was housed in towers, it would take around 45 high rises to accommodate these numbers.  Metrotown has 49 towers from Central Park to Royal Oak Avenue.

How can I help?

Let your council know that you want a thoughtful, well designed Official Community Plan that has measurable targets and goals that will meet our needs for the next 30 years.

Our city needs to have smart density, using variability of form and function to provide flexibility and a diverse corridor that belongs to our community.

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