Case Study: Port Moody OCP Update (UBC students)

Case Study: Port Moody OCP Update

Carolina Camargo, Christopher J. Carter and Alex Olajide

Executive Summary

The City of Port Moody is currently revising its official community plan (OCP) to accommodate for future population needs. This report takes a glimpse at the planning of this process. In the first section, the project background is discussed with references to Port Moody statistics, relevant regional policies and planning principles. The second section of this report looks at the different planning stages of the OCP update process. The tools for community engagement adopted by the planners are reviewed in the third and fourth sections. In the fifth section, a SWOT analysis of the OCP update process is performed; additionally, the effectiveness of this process is assessed using five different criteria namely: 1) Clear, accurate and consistent communication with community; 2) Transparent process; 3) Recognition of expertise of participants; 4) Representative participation by all population groups; and, 5) Accessible and socially inclusive process. Finally, lessons learned from the OCP revision planning process are shared.

Read entire document:
PortMoodyOCPRevisionCaseStudy (mcc)


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