Official Community Plans — purpose, authority to adopt, required content

Local Government Act
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Purposes of official community plans

875  (1) An official community plan is a statement of objectives and policies to guide decisions on planning and land use management, within the area covered by the plan, respecting the purposes of local government.

(2) To the extent that it deals with these matters, an official community plan should work towards the purpose and goals referred to in section 849 [regional growth strategy goals].

Authority to adopt by bylaw

876  (1) A local government may, by bylaw, adopt one or more official community plans.

(2) An official community plan

(a) must be included in the adopting bylaw as a schedule, and

(b) must designate the area covered by the plan.

(3) In developing an official community plan, the local government must consider any applicable guidelines under section 873.2 [provincial policy guidelines].

Required content

877  (1) An official community plan must include statements and map designations for the area covered by the plan respecting the following:

(a) the approximate location, amount, type and density of residential development required to meet anticipated housing needs over a period of at least 5 years;

(b) the approximate location, amount and type of present and proposed commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural, recreational and public utility land uses;

(c) the approximate location and area of sand and gravel deposits that are suitable for future sand and gravel extraction;

(d) restrictions on the use of land that is subject to hazardous conditions or that is environmentally sensitive to development;

(e) the approximate location and phasing of any major road, sewer and water systems;

(f) the approximate location and type of present and proposed public facilities, including schools, parks and waste treatment and disposal sites;

(g) other matters that may, in respect of any plan, be required or authorized by the minister.

(2) An official community plan must include housing policies of the local government respecting affordable housing, rental housing and special needs housing.

(3) An official community plan must include targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the area covered by the plan, and policies and actions of the local government proposed with respect to achieving those targets.

Community Charter

Disclosure of conflict

100  (1) This section applies to council members in relation to

(a) council meetings,

(b) council committee meetings, and

(c) meetings of any other body referred to in section 93 [application of open meeting rules to other bodies].

(2) If a council member attending a meeting considers that he or she is not entitled to participate in the discussion of a matter, or to vote on a question in respect of a matter, because the member has

(a) a direct or indirect pecuniary interest in the matter, or

(b) another interest in the matter that constitutes a conflict of interest,

the member must declare this and state in general terms the reason why the member considers this to be the case.


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