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Adopt-a-street: MCCA adopted the street area of Queens Street Plaza early in 2015, and teams meet periodically to clean the area with equipment provided by the city. If you can spare an occasional hour or so to help, please email us at mcca.pm@gmail.com, and we’ll add you to our list. This would not commit you to a set schedule, but more people willing to pitch in once in awhile will help us to keep the area clean. It’s not just cleaning — it’s interaction and community building!

MCCA Membership:  We welcome new (and lapsed) members at any time.  Must be 19+ and reside in the Moody Centre catchment area (see map).  Annual fee is $5/year.  There is a short period preceding annual general meetings in which new memberships are not processed until the following fiscal year, so if you wish to be eligible to vote (for directors or other matters) we recommend joining at your earliest convenience, prior to official AGM notice.  Payment can be made at any event, or by contacting MCCA to arrange (mcca.pm@gmail.com). Regardless of membership/voting status, all residents of our catchment area are welcome to attend the AGM.

New, June 2017: MCCA Facebook


Tues., March 27, 2018, 7:00 pm at City Hall, Council Meeting. Materials available here or here.  See post below for more.

Sun., April 8, 2017, 2-4 pm at Moody Ales, 2601 Murray Street:  Neighbourhood Spring Social. See MCCA FaceBook page, link here.

Tues., March 13 27, 2018, 7:00 pm at City Hall, POSTPONED FOR 2ND TIME, date to be determined, possibly April 10. Public Hearing, sale of public land. Materials available here or here when available. Council meeting to follow.

Mon., April 16, 2018, 6:00 pm at City Hall, PoMo Talks: PoMo Growth and Sustainability. Future Port Moody Foundation Say “Hello” PoMo events will follow. Tri-City news article has more: Greeting growth, one ‘hello’ at a time.

Exact timing unknown: Demolition of 6 homes for Bold Properties townhomes development (Clarke, Douglas, St. Johns, 38 new units) COMPLETED (see photos below), and 22 homes for Marcon development (3000 block St. George, 252 new units).

See the city calendar link from city home web-page for more events, and the Tri-City News.

Various dates and events:  Port Moody Station Museum/Heritage Society.
Various dates and events: PoMo Arts Centre.

Handy links:
Council meeting video recordings (since September 2012)
2018 Council Agendas and Minutes
2017 Council Agendas and Minutes
Committee Agendas and Minutes, multiple years (links)
Council Agendas and Minutes, multiple years (links)
Official Community Plan (OCP), adopted 2014/2015 (lawsuit delay)
Former OCP, adopted January 2011
Council’s Strategic Plan 2015-2018
Development applications (Port Moody), Excel format
Summary of all-candidates meeting hosted by MCCA, Nov. 5, 2014
Municipal election 2014 disclosures
Campaign spending, totals, breakdowns
News portal, GVRD (Metro Vancouver)

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Council agenda for March 27, 2018, plus in the news links

Council agenda for March 27, 2018, plus in the news links (below)

Note: The public hearing regarding public lands (works yard and former fire hall site) that was scheduled for March 27, to precede the regular council meeting, has been POSTPONED to a date to be determined. The date might be re-set at the March 27th meeting. Update, related: Public hearing for PoMo properties postponed, Tri-City News, March 23, 2018.

Below is the council agenda table of contents, which includes items council did not have time for at the last meeting when the public hearing (Onni) lasted about 4 hours. For more on the Onni public hearing, see previous post Public hearing (Onni Suter Brook), council meeting, March 13, 2018; in the news. Complete agenda information can be found at city links here or here. Public input is allowed at the beginning and end of the meeting.



The Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA) welcomes your comments, via email or as a comment online.

Recent news links, a sampling

Tri-City News
PoMo considers ‘very high number’ tax boost (March 22, 2018)
Greeting growth, one ‘hello’ at a time (March 23, 2018)
Letter: We need more space for hospital (March 20, 2018)
Letter: Leave Port Moody hospital alone (March 20, 2018)
Septic issue still burbling near schools (March 20, 2018)
Letter: Is the future of ERH now in jeopardy? (March 14, 2018)
Letter: A need for development in Port Moody (March 13, 2018)
Letter: What’s the plan, Port Moody? (March 13, 2018)
Port Moody family sues for death by fallen tree (March 15, 2018)
PoMo student wins Juno band battle (March 13, 2018)
Owner doubles down on heritage home project (March 13, 2018)

Business in Vancouver, two stories, two slants
Prices paid for office strata defy logic (March 19, 2018)
High hopes for office boom thwarted as development driven by Evergreen line falls short of expectations (March 20, 2018)
““We built up a lot around a line that never got built, so we had a sour taste in our mouth,” Port Moody Mayor Mike Clay said.”


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Gatensbury Road improvements

Gatensbury Road improvements

Gatensbury Road in Port Moody, a windy, steep hill, has had many accidents and near-misses. The traffic volume continues to increase, including large commercial vehicles that should not be using this road.

Because of concerns, neighbours created a Facebook page for images and dialogue: Gatensbury Residents for Road Safety.

The City of Port Moody has laid out improvement plans, subject to budget approval.

Below is a page from the city website, part of a 6-page information package available here.



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Public hearing (Onni Suter Brook), council meeting, March 13, 2018; in the news

Public hearing (Onni Suter Brook), council meeting, March 13, 2018; in the news

Update (see original post below): The public hearing (Onni, Suter Brook) lasted about 4 hours, with an audience overflowing out the back doors and into the Galleria. About 70 people signed up to speak, although some left before their names were called. There were also many written submissions, some included in the original public hearing agenda package, and others as “on-table” items. There was support for and against the proposal, though it seemed that much of the support (not all) came from non-residents of Port Moody.

Major themes included whether Onni should be granted a change to its agreed-upon land use contract, whether the addition of rental units (market- and sub-market priced) and density bonus to city (~$15M) were appropriate trade-offs, and whether the increased density was okay or too much. For anyone who has time, reading the feedback and watching the video will give much more detail and context.

The official minutes will not be available until the next regular council agenda package, and will not include a summary of written submissions (although that used to be normal practice). The agenda, video, and on-table items are all available from the city’s webpage 2018 Agenda & Minutes.

The regular council meeting scheduled to follow the public hearing began well after 11:00 pm, and most agenda items were delayed to a future meeting due to the late hour. The Onni item was discussed, and Onni’s request was passed by council 5:2 (Councillors Madsen and Vagramov opposed). For more, visit the city link above, and related links in the news below.

Related (recent), in Tri-City News:
Two more towers set to rise at Suter Brook, March 15, 2018
Letter: Watch the video, Port Moody residents, March 14, 2018

Original post
A public hearing will begin at 7:00 pm, March 13, at City Hall. Onni (Suter Brook) has applied for changes to its current land use contract.

Excerpt from public hearing agenda package:
Purpose / Introduction
To present an amendment to the Land Use Contract (LUC) for Suter Brook Village in order to allow for the development of 512 multi-family residential units, including 50 affordable-rental units and 26 market-rental units at 300 Morrissey Road.”

For complete information, see city links below. Anyone wishing to comment can do so in writing (clerks@portmoody.ca) and/or by attending in person to speak. Written submissions should be sent no later than 12:00 noon on the day of the public hearing.

Please note: written public input is not currently recorded in official meeting minutes.

A regular council meeting will follow the public hearing. Public input is permitted at the beginning and at the end of the meeting (comment on the public hearing must be given at the public hearing before the regular council meeting).

Complete information for the public hearing and regular meeting can be found at city links here or here.

Below is an outline of the regular council agenda items. Use the links above for more detail.

Item 9.9 above is additional preparation for the potential OCP and zoning amendments to facilitate the sale of public lands.


The Fraser Health open house held on March 7th to present a concept for high-density residential on the Eagle Ridge Hospital lands appeared to be well-attended. Not much information is available to share since the display boards are not posted online, although we hope that will change soon. One of the boards showed the OCP amendment application was submitted to the City of Port Moody in June 2017, and Fraser Health hopes to move this forward to the Community Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) as soon as possible.

Related: Letter: Port Moody should ‘refuse’ changes to ERH land, Tri-City News, March 8, 2018
Earlier post: Open house, Fraser Health plans for high density residential — Eagle Ridge Hospital

Flavelle Mill site (Oceanfront District in Port Moody OCP)
Item 12.2 in the March 13th council agenda, Metro Vancouver Board in Brief, indicates that on Feb. 23, 2018 the Metro Vancouver Board approved Port Moody’s request to amend the regional land use designation of the Flavelle site from Industrial to General Urban and remove the Special Study Area overlay for the site.

The complete Metro Vancouver board agenda package for Feb. 23, 2018 is here. Relevant sections include C1: Tim Savoie, City Manager, presentation; and G2.1, Metro Vancouver 2040: Shaping our Future Land Use Designation Amendment; and Request from the City of Port Moody – Flavelle Mill Site.

At its meeting on Feb. 27, 2018, council agreed to include the potential Flavelle population numbers in the Factual Information Campaign brochure. There was no mention of the Metro Vancouver board meeting at that time. See earlier post Factual Information Campaign (with update).

In the news (Tri-City News), a sampling:


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Open house, PC Urban plans for 6-storey rental building, 230 units, Dewdney Trunk

Open house, PC Urban plans for 6-storey rental building, 230 units, Dewdney Trunk
On land currently used as mobile home park

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
5:00 pm-7:00 pm
Port Moody City Hall
Contact person: Virginia Bird, 604-619-0837

Ad from Tri-City News below, apologies for bad quality image.

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Open house, Fraser Health plans for high density residential — Eagle Ridge Hospital

Open house, Fraser Health plans for high density residential — Eagle Ridge Hospital

For news article, see Tri-City News: Fraser Health eyes housing at ERH in Port Moody, Public invited to open house on changes to OCP to permit high density development.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018
4:30 pm-8:00 pm
Port Moody City Hall

Ad from Tri-City News below, apologies for bad quality image.

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Council meeting agenda, Feb. 27, 2018, incl. Factual Information Campaign, Onni change request, more

Council meeting agenda, Feb. 27, 2018, incl. Factual Information Campaign, Onni change request, more

Next council meeting, Tues., Feb. 27, 2018, view agendas for public hearing and regular council here or here. Follows public hearing on lot subdivision (Mount Royal), same links for more information.

Table of contents below.

Note Item 9.4, Land Use Contract Amendment. This will be of special interest to those living at or near Suterbrook, or anyone visiting or travelling through the area.

“Purpose / Introduction
To present an amendment to the Land Use Contract (LUC) for Suter Brook Village in order to allow for the development of 512 multi-family residential units, including 50 affordable-rental units and 26 market-rental units at 300 Morrissey Road.”

For details, visit the city website, links above. If first readings are approved, this will go to a public hearing on March 13, 2018.

See separate post below on Item 9.3: Factual Information Communication Campaign Literature.

Tri-City News article related to delegation at Council Committee of the Whole, Feb. 20, 2018:
Parking problems for Clarke Street businesses, Feb. 22, 2018


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Factual Information Campaign

Factual Information Campaign

Image below is from the top of draft brochure, for discussion/approval at PoMo council meeting Feb. 27, 2018.

The background memo summarizing the original motion starts at page 171 (complete agenda package available here).

The goal of the draft Factual Information Communication Campaign literature (Attachment 1) is to provide Port Moody residents and business owners with clear and transparent information about recent growth and development in Port Moody. The draft literature responds to Council’s direction and includes Port Moody census data and projected population growth; the status of development applications, projected build-out, and resulting population growth estimates; regional growth and traffic impact projections; housing needs in the Lower Mainland; an overview of Transit-Oriented Development; Port Moody OCP amendments adopted since 2016; and information about Port Moody’s Master Transportation Plan, including funding requirements and traffic improvement projects scheduled for 2018.”

To see the complete memo, use the agenda link above, or click on the 5-page PDF link below.
2018-02-16-City cover memo re Factual Information Campaign

Draft brochure
The 4-page draft information brochure starts at page 177.

To see the complete draft brochure, use the agenda link above, or click on the 4-page PDF link below.
2018-02-27-Draft Factual Information Communication Campaign Literature

Readers can judge whether the brochure meets expectations, and helps to understand growth and development in Port Moody in a clear and transparent way.

A few notes …

Census information
The brochure shows the most recent time-frame (2011-2016) when Port Moody’s growth was slower (1.6%) than several census periods prior.

Current proposed or approved projects suggest the census data (growth) in the 2011-2016 period was an exception, not indicative of past or future growth.

The draft brochure provides estimated numbers for units and population in a segmented way (not in the form of a list), excerpts below:

“Current applications involve the potential consideration of 2,818 residential units that could potentially provide housing for 5,013 people.”

Since 2016, Council has approved seven development applications involving amendments to the Zoning Bylaw that will facilitate the development of 324 units. These applications and associated units could provide for housing for approximately 615 people.”

The above two combined (5,013 plus 615) total an estimated 5,628 people.

Items separated out from the above-noted:

“Since 2016, Council has adopted six amendments to the OCP. Two of these amendments were made to establish a clear vision for areas of the City located near rapid transit:

The Coronation Park Neighbourhood Plan envisions a transit-oriented, pedestrian, and bike-friendly community that has a range of housing forms and types in close proximity to shops, amenities, and transit. The plan includes the opportunity for high-rise residential, high-rise mixed use, low-rise residential, and park uses. The potential number of units within this neighbourhood is 2,225, with an estimated population of 4,449 at completion.

The Moody Centre Station Transit-Oriented Development Area Plan includes policy to encourage a mixed-use, pedestrian neighbourhood around the Moody Centre SkyTrain Station with a range of building forms and uses. The potential number of units is 2,000, with an estimated population at completion of 4,000.”

[Note: the “4,000” estimated population for Moody Centre, above, appears to come from the original “Scenario B” — not the slightly less intense Scenario A that was last on the table.]

The combined estimates noted above for Coronation Park and Moody Centre TOD total 8,449 people.

Total of all of above: 14,077.

The brochure does not include projections for some potentially large projects such as Flavelle (estimated up to 7,000 residents if approved as proposed; see links below), the Ioco lands owned by the Brilliant Circle Group, and the Andres Wine property.

Some of the above numbers are likely to change, but reflect current information.

Update: More on the numbers, incl. chart excerpt below from November 2013 post when this website was “born.” The graph shows actual population numbers up to the 2011 census (5-year increments), and projected after that (10-year increments), the information available at the time.  A perfect graph would have the upward projected trend line stretched out more. The city estimates for overall growth and in certain areas have changed since November 2013, some up and some down.

The current Oceanfront District (Flavelle) population estimate (~7,000) is expected to appear in the revised city brochure after discussion at council on Feb. 27, taking the brochure total to ~21,000 new residents. (Since then, a new potentially significant project has surfaced, Fraser Health’s proposal for high density on the grounds of Eagle Ridge Hospital, community information meeting open house on March 7 at City Hall.)


The brochure includes additional information including estimated housing needs, and transportation estimates and projects.

Tidal wave? (February 2018); this post contains a list of projects in various stages; the list is imperfect but based on readily available information.

Agenda package, Feb. 2, 2018, Regional Planning Committee, Metro Vancouver (GVRD); contains information provided by Port Moody and Mill and Timber (Flavelle) to the committee to change the land use of the Flavelle site from industrial to general urban.


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